Created On:  25 October 2012


The StarTeam Administrator password will not provide access to the StarTeam Web Server administration page.


The login credentials for the StarTeam Web Server Administration page are different to the StarTeam Server Administrator login credentials.

To reset the administration login credentials for the Web Server follow the steps below:
  1. Shut down the Web Server
  2. Browse to the install folder, e.g.

      C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam 12.0 Web Server\apache-tomcat-5.5.33\shared\BorlandStarTeam
  3. Use Notepad or another text editor to open the "server.xml" file
  4. Navigate to the ‹WEB_SERVER_ADMINISTRATION› section
  5. To reset the password to "Administrator" simply replace the ‹PASSWORD›‹/PASSWORD› entry with the following.

    ‹PASSWORD›AxC5tM/pDvEySvD2Dg9HuPAXka2AT9MUfw/AOd jLD/WK 338uXxhkkG Xwf3qghiEX1fSnJEq0JdP6eCZpXCMMXjHdqMT/nX0Z8QCitOpHBTvkWf7Ctb/48wEt/M9ep31YaNXHfwkFSnvubbd2D/LiJTtArVPMqsiUT0geh/s72QyNshQV0KRo1PLffJbCXTuMLzpusKurwwAmuEfgZ7QbQW9ROnghvFM6bW2SQBMJtc5uRa22tCicicbcONB0KeoqYFsh2zv4Be43raRFnCWKv4jVN7FI8t8flEjMruBqMKphYeBIlHrpw2CV6NrTNyTt6UHHsTpe0z65aEP/KEA==‹/PASSWORD›
  6. To change the Administrator username edit the entry between the ‹USER›‹/USER› tags
  7. Start the Web Server
  8. Login to the Web Server Administration page using the username and the newly configured password "Administrator"

Once logged in the username and password can be set using the top section of the Web Server Administration page.

Click on the "Save" button when the desired changes have been made.

Incident #2587799