What is VaultConversionHighPriority and how do I use it?



What is VaultConversionHighPriority and how do I use it?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005 Rel2, 2006
  • Product Component: Server vaults
  • Platform/OS Version: All


In my starteam-server-configs.xml file I see an option for VaultConversionHighPriority What is that and what does it mean?


With patch 28 a new setting was added to the starteam-server-configs.xml file that allows users to set the priority on the vault conversion. It can be either a 1 or a 0.

That setting tells the vault conversion what priority to run with. If it is set to 1, then the vault conversion will run at the same priority as a client accessing the server.

If it is set to 0, then it will run in the background at a lower priority. This setting only matters if you have to run the vault conversion. If your vault is already converted to Native-II format, then it is nothing to worry about.

This setting really only comes into play if you are upgrading or have just never converted your vault from Native-I. After you start the upgrade and get to the point where you are ready to run the vault conversion, you"ll need to take into consideration how large your vault is, and how urgently you need it converted.

StarTeam Server will continue to run and users will be able to access it while the vault conversion is running, so leaving that setting at 0 is sufficient in most cases. If you would like to start the conversion over a weekend and want it to run with the highest priority to make sure it completes, then you should change that setting to 1. If you come into the office on Monday, and it is still running, you can change the setting back to 0 to ensure that it doesn"t interfere with users accessing the system.

It normally does not take that long to run a vault conversion though.

The only thing to remember when setting that value to 1 or 0 is that the server configuration will need to be restarted. If you need to set it back to 0 while it is running, then shutdown the server, set the value, and restart the server. The conversion should pick up where it left off.

Author: Donnie Nix

Old KB# 27868
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