Why am I getting an error "The sync Database file is corrupt"?



Why am I getting an error "The sync Database file is corrupt"?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005, 2005R2
  • Product Component: Client
  • PLatform/OS Version: Windows


Why am I getting the error "The sync database file is corrupt" while trying to perform an operation such as clicking All Descendants button.

The error "the sync database is corrupt" refers to the status of the files in repository on the client machine. StarTeam queries the database about the current status of files before displaying them in a project view window. When you perform an operation on a StarTeam item, the application calls a synchronous routine, which can cause the local syncdb repository to become out of sync. T resolve this:

  1. Select Tools=> Personal Options=> File=> Respository
  2. Click Purge to clean up the file status repository. The Status Repository Cleanup dialog appears
  3. Click Start to see a list of paths to folders that no longer exist
  4. Click Purge to delete the status information for selected folders, or click Purge All to delete all the superfluous status information.

Author: Ja?Mille Wilborn

Old KB# 27727
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