12.5 Client HF 1 is now available


Greetings all,

The first CPC patch for 12.5 is now available.


The following fixes are contained in patch 1 (build

Change   Request #


9,211 (SDK)

The issue with resolving Time-Based Configuration URLs has been   fixed. They need to be created at full scope.

9,216 (SDK)

Corrected the backward compatibility issue preventing   modification of folder names with special characters that Windows directories   do not allow. Folders created in StarTeam can now map to folders on disk.

9,220 (SDK)

For backward compatibility with Layout Designer, support has   been added for the StarTeam workflow.

9,224 (SDK)

When logged in as a user with lesser privileges, you can now   query for group membership of other users.

9,233 (SDK)

Resolved the issue with getting an error during checkout -- the   progress count is no longer doubled erroneously.

9,237 (SDK)

The issue with stcmd failing to delete a client   flag under the German OS has been resolved.

9,245 (SDK)

When a user or group is created, the account info is loaded by   default and the cache needs to have the user/group mapped by ID. Failure to   do so causes an attempt to query for access rights for that user (or group)   and results in an internal SDK exception error.

9,249 (SDK)

Resolved the issue with Folder.getFolderTree() losing   the view alternate path if MPX is not enabled.

9,250 (SDK)

Resolved the issue with a deleted Item exception thrown by the   server when processing a VCM session based on a promotion state attached to a   label.

9,252 (SDK)

For the stcmd checkin reason for backward compatibility with a 2009 stcmd, the   command string itself no longer includes in the checkin reason.

9,255 (SDK)

The issue with NPE reported in bridge version of ServerAdministration.java   breaking custom code has been fixed.

9,257 (SDK)

The issue with the -cwf switch has been fixed   and now works correctly.

59,116 (CPC)

The VCM Details panel in the VCM Wizard now shows the correct   source configuration status.


  When /Include is not specified in the parameters, /Exclude is now   processed correctly.

The new builds will soon be available on the supportline product download page but in the interim please use the FTP links below:

ReadMe: http://supportftp.borland.com/Outgoing/StarTeamStatic/12.5/HF1/st-cpc-

Exe: http://supportftp.borland.com/Outgoing/StarTeamStatic/12.5/HF1/STCPC-



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