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Import & Manage for external stubs

Status: New Idea

Hi team,

Could we have  a functionality for SV to create / deploy a custom virtual service based on externally created stub code?

With appropriate API this external services could be data driven from SV.

As per deployment:

  1. if it is a self-sufficient code/binary could be managed as an VS/agent and be deployed almost the same way as native SV service, just a minor extension to be able to distribute and run custom agents .
  2. for the custom virtual service that requires app server to run SV can be even extended with some orchestration functionality or be integrated to orchestration engine.

It will allow the consolidated virtual services management from single source.


  • Hi  ,

    That's an interesting idea. As for the deployment of virtual services we have the SV Configurator utility which can be copied anywhere and run from any platform. But the project it deploys needs to be created in SV Designer. What's your main motivation here? Do you suggest exposing API so that virtual services could be created outside of SV Designer? Or do you have any existing binaries you would like to use to generate a response in simulation and you don't want to use them from a scripted rule?

    Could you tell us some details regarding the scenario you are facing?

    Have a nice day!

    Karel (SV R&D)