Useful SV Log4net loggers


SV can log a lot of useful information, which can be used mainly for troubleshooting. Majority of loggers are however turned off due to performance reasons, but you can easily enable them if you need to. There is no need to restart SV to apply the logging changes. The logs are configured in respective application configuration files. It is the file with same name as executable, but with .config suffix (e.g. HP.SV.StandaloneServer.exe.config).

Please make sure the logger configuration exists only once in the configuration file (some loggers from the table below are already present there)!

Logger example:

<logger name="http.real.service.request">
  <level value="DEBUG" />

Logger list (incomplete, loggers can be added/removed/changed with every release without notice)

Area Logger Name What is logged
MQ HP.SV.WebSphereMQAgent.Converter.MqToSvConverter

DEBUG - message processing details such as MessageID, destination, format

TRACE - also raw request data

MQ HP.SV.WebSphereMQAgent.MQMessageHandler

DEBUG - message processing details and its metadata

TRACE - also raw response data

JMS HP.SV.JmsGenericAgent.EndpointManager DEBUG - destination handling
JMS HP.SV.JmsGenericAgent.JmsMessageHandler DEBUG - message metadata and correlation handling
JMS DEBUG - JNDI related details
JMS DEBUG - message metadata
HTTP http.real.service.request DEBUG - forwarded raw request to the real service
HTTP http.real.service.response DEBUG - raw real service response
HTTP http.virtual.service.request DEBUG - incoming raw request
HTTP http.virtual.service.response DEBUG - outgoing raw response
HTTP HP.SV.HttpEmbeddedAgent.HttpProxyService DEBUG - message handling in HTTP proxy
HTTP SCA http.activity.request DEBUG - HTTP SCA requests
HTTP SCA http.activity.response DEBUG - HTTP SCA responses
SSL HP.SV.HttpAgentCommon.EndpointImpl.Forwarder DEBUG - SSL certificate details used by client to connect to a virtual service
SSL HP.SV.HttpAgentCommon.Client DEBUG - SSL certificate details used for real service connection


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