Useful Tools


Following tools helps you get more productive with Service Virtualization.

Generic Tools

  • Notepad++ - generic purpose text editor. You often need to work with JSON/XML, for which you can install “JSTool”/“XML Tools” respectively
  • Wireshark - network capture tool. Useful mainly when dealing with network related issues, SSL handshake issues and unsupported protocols
  • KeyStore Explorer - SSL keystore explorer/creator
  • PacketSender - can be used as a client as well as a service on TCP/UDP level communication. Very useful for testing fixed-length virtual services.
  • NetCat - CLI tool, which can be used as versatile client/service
  • ping - to test there is a network connectivity
  • telnet - to test there is a network connectivity

MQ Virtualization

  • IBM MQ Explorer - can server many purposes e.g. can be used as a client to test virtual service or to create and browse
  • IBM RFHUTIL - low level MQ client, which allows to send/consume MQ messages efficiently and configure all its details. This tool requires you install IBM MQ Client. The connection string has format of: channel_name/TCP/hostname(port)

HTTP Virtualization

SAP Virtualization

  • SAP GUI - essential for working with SAP

FTP Virtualization

  • FileZilla Client - useful FTP client, which can be used to test FTP based virtual service


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