Idea ID: 2874662

Modify ‘bin\leanft-comps\node_modules\embedded-browser-tool\lib\embedded-browser-attach.js’ to accept 3 arguments

Status: New Idea

Inspecting the ‘bin\leanft-comps\node_modules\embedded-browser-tool\lib\embedded-browser-attach.js’ file located in the embedded-browser-tool.bat’ script, we see the following calls been made inside the ‘embedded-browser-attach.js’ file:

        const browserPort = process.argv[2];

        const browserMode = process.argv[2];

        const webdriverPath = process.argv[2];

This prevents us from calling the js script directly as it’s expecting 3 arguments, port number, browser mode, and webdriver path. Instead by making the following modifications:

        const browserPort = process.argv[2];

        const browserMode = process.argv[3]; // incremented position

        const webdriverPath = process.argv[4]; // incremented position

We can now directly do the following:

node "C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\UFT Developer\Tools\bin\leanft-comps\node_modules\embedded-browser-tool\lib\embedded-browser-attach.js" 9222 null null


This will allow us to connect to remote debugging port 9222 at runtime without using the gui, something we are trying to automate as part of our pipeline.



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