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Cant download the trial application for Mobile Center

As of writing, Im still getting

"Oops. The file you requested is not available at the moment.
We are undergoing server maintenance and will be back up shortly. Thank you for your patience."
Anyone knows when will it be up again?
  • Hi,

    Can you please confirm that you can downlaod the Mobiel Center trial version?

    It is avaialble in the following link: 

  • The reason they do this is to stop people from Installing a Try App removing it & then trying to re-install it! They take a lot of details on your system as to re-install and the windows store remembers a  game has already been installed on this pc after a format just shows how childish they are! Annoying is not the word I never got a chance to try the app as I did a re-install to get rid of some major issues from an upgrade now I cant to install what I was going to try out.

    if you gonna buy a second-hand PC Ensure it does not have windows 8 on it. If it has there is a  good chance you can't do much other than have to pay to try stuff out. This gives the new owner limited use or usability of their system! Sort it out!