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Object doesn't support this property or method 'browser().Page().Link().Exist

I have a test that logs in. I want to verify the login worked by checking the Logout link exists

I have added this step:

Browser("Browser").Page("<Page>").Link("<Element>").Exist 30

This step was added by UFT by selecting the Object and then the step is Exist 30

But when I run the test, I get the error "Object doesn't support this property or method 'browser().Page().Link().Exist"

Here is the structure of the element:


 <div class=<class>>

   <div class=class>

      <a id="logout" class="logoutIcon" href="href">

          <span class="<class>Logout</span>


the object identification center has identified the object by html tag of A with the text of "Logout"

so how can I get UFT to verify the logout link exists?