UFT One drives 90% regression test time improvement at Roche Diagnostics


 As a global provider of critical medical systems, Roche Diagnostics understands the importance of development and delivery that is innovative, timely and reliable. However, Roche’s fully manual software testing processes reflected none of these core values, and in fact impeded time-to-market acceleration while delivering inconsistent test quality. 

Determined to adopt DevOps and move to an agile model, Roche deployed Micro Focus UFT One to leverage its AI capabilities and accelerate enterprise-level application testing across desktop, web, and mobile channels. Implemented in only one month, UFT One has reduced regression test times by 90% through automation and the effective reuse of test cases. Manual testing used to take up to 12 hours for some applications but is now done in a little over one hour, and UFT One can execute tests concurrently so that products are launched faster and at a higher quality.  All this means that Roche’s development and testing teams now have the time to focus their work on adding true value to the business through product innovation. 

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