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UFT One 2023—Faster with cloud, smarter with AI

With the launch of OpenTextTm UFT One version 24.2 you can run even faster, more effective test automation on the cloud or on premise.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Cloud and Docker Testing: run tests on cloud browsers via Jenkins and Azure; web and AI web tests in Windows Docker.
  • Extended Application Support: test Windows Forms and WPF applications on .NET 7 and 8.
  • Enhanced API and SAP Testing: use 64-bit Access Engine in API tests; multi-select on SAPTable objects. 

Did you know? UFT One license grants you permission to use UFT Developer for free! It's part of the UFT One DVD so go check it out! Upgrade to UFT One 24.2 now for free with an active support contract.

Start your upgrade today! Everything you need for your upgrade journey is listed below!


Master your upgrade with the right Support
Maybe you're handling the upgrade on your own but want a little help.  Contact our Customer Support team by chat, phone, or service requests.  You can also access the UFT One documentation, support forums, patch downloads, and more.

Need some reinforcements? Our Premium Support plan enhances your OpenText Support with ongoing problem resolution, technical guidance, and strategic support—all from a team of named and dedicated software experts and account managers.

Or if you just need some short-term support, Flexible Credits give you access to upgrade resources, on-site troubleshooting, assessments, and even e-learning.  For example, redeem your Flexible Credits at any time and book our Upgrade Assistance package.  We'll jointly review your upgrade plan and offer recommendations for improvement, educate you on best practices and help you avoid common problems, to ensure your upgrade proceeds as smoothly as possible.  And then we'll be available on-call during the upgrade to offer assistance in the event any problems arise.

You can always contact us today, and after we'll reviewing your situation, then we will suggest one of our Flexible Credits core packages or build a customed offering, utilizing your available Flexible Credits on hand.

Professional Services

Leave the upgrades to Professional Services
We know you want the latest product innovations but might not want to spend time on upgrades.  A software upgrade is not only an opportunity to benefit from the latest product innovation, but it´s also a chance to evaluate your long-term strategy for operating the solution either on-premises or cloud.

Our OpenText Professional Services UFT One experts apply proven migration methodology, accelerators, and best practices for seamless upgrades.

With Value+ Management Services you'll never have to worry about upgrades again.  With a 12 month Value+ contract you will receive up to 5 days of professional services free of charge to help with your migration process.  These services may include assistance with the following steps:

  • Migration assessment of the UFT environment:
    • How it's deployed, used, what is it integrated with, can the target version work with the current systems.
    • A document model upgrade template and any additional information to be addressed as part of that upgrade.
    • A testing plan to validate that everything upgraded is systematically tested.  For example, licensing management works, integrations and existing assets still work in the new version
  • Dedicated services support for the upgrade phase.
  • Advance scripting automation.
  • Suggestions for improved test automation framework.
  • Mentoring on the new release.

Contact us today for a personalized discussion.

The Professional Services UFT One upgrade program covers the following:

  • Discovery workshops to evaluate upgrade options
  • Assess your environment in advance of the upgrade to ensure there are no obstacles
  • Understand and define the scope and benefits of your upgrade to UFT One 2023
  • Validate architecture, configuration, and integrations
  • Deliver on-premises upgrades or cloud migration for you
  • Knowledge transfer, production cut-over, and post-production support

The post upgrade Professional Services team can also help manage the long-term maintenance of your environment.

Let us help you with your UFT One upgrade.  Contact us for a free UFT One upgrade discovery and assessment session with our Professional Services solution consultants.

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