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A New AppEnhancer Webinar Series: What’s New and What’s Next

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The First in a Series

Last Month, our Product Manager Cody Campbell opened up the year with a live Customer Webinar to discuss product direction, roadmap, and vision for AppEnhancer. This webinar was the first in a new initiative: every new AppEnhancer release will now be introduced to customers and partners with a live webinar. This new webinar series, which will run at least twice a year (to coincide with the two yearly releases of AppEnhancer in April and October), aims to introduce customers to new releases via detailed demos, as well as explain the ongoing strategy for the product and what to expect next. The webinars are interactive and the aim is to answer any customer questions and receive any feedback on product direction and features. The webinar is also attended live by Engineering resources to assist in the Q&A.

The next webinar will be run in April to introduce 24.2. If you didn’t get invited to the first webinar and are interested in joining this series, you can reach out to your Opentext contact or your partner, and of course to Cody (codyc@opentext.com).

Looking back over 2023

To kick off the series with its first webinar, Product Management resumed what had been released last year in both 23.2 and 23.4, and then provided a roadmap of what to expect next. If you missed the 1h session, its available for your viewing here. The presentation lasted 30 mins, followed by 30 mins of Q&A.

If you’d like a short summary of the first 30 min presentation, read on:

Key Use Cases

Cody began by reviewing the four key uses cases of AppEnhancer: Capture & Indexing, Search & Retrieval, Workflow & Routing, and Compliance & Lifecycle Management. He summarized AppEnhancer as a lowcost and easy to use product, that “provides a simple set of features, robust and effective, with a lightweight footprint” to serve those four key use cases.

Directional Themes

Cody then reviewed the 6 directional themes for AppEnhancer, representing the long-term strategy of the product. These included feature improvements in the areas of:

  • Intelligent Indexing
  • Viewing and Rendering
  • Governance and Retention
  • Modern APIs, Interfaces and Components
  • Enterprise App & Data Management (Cloud)
  • Embedded Workflow

2023 Releases: 23.2 and 23.4

Cody then reviewed the key new features of both 23.2 and 23.4 releases, including demos. The key features introduced were:

Document Recycle Bin:

AppEnhancer's new recycle bin provides an extra layer of protection for deleted documents. Users with the requisite privileges can either restore or permanently delete "recycled" documents.

Retention Administration Console:

AppEnhancer's  Retention Administrator has been moved to the Web Administrator, making it easier to manage retention rules and policies.  

OTDS Licensing:

In additional to support as a centralized authentication service, OTDS can also be used to manage AE licenses in a much more scalable way than the legacy AE licensing service.  

Import Automation Utilities:

With the retirement of the AE desktop, a new set of Import utilities have been released leveraging the AE REST services to provide CLI automation of AE import tasks. 

Roadmap & Q&A

Preceding the roadmap, Cody shortly introduced our new Community page and its functionality, as well as our new Smart UI Beta Program (open for enrolment if you’d like to join and participate in creating our new UI). Cody then shared the roadmap for 2024, also including up to the 25.2 release. The roadmap features aligned with the directional themes presented earlier.

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