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Global Pharmaceutical Company Saves $44 Million With Content Manager

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Read this customer success story from a leading pharmaceutical company and how they leveraged Micro Focus Content Manager to get a handle on their data and save a substantial chunk of change with it.


The Company

 Today’s success story is brought to you by AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical business. They discover, develop, and commercialize prescription medications. Needless to say, they have some data to manage.

The Challenge

Large companies typically are faced with maintaining large amounts of data. The more data a company must manage, the more risk they face. See also "Volume of data/information created, captured, copied, and consumed worldwide from 2010 to 2025".

To combat simultaneous rising data and risk amounts, AstraZeneca required a more efficient way to simplify their archiving process, reduce costs associated with decommissioning, clean up their legacy data, and ensure they are prepared for regulatory compliance policies.

The Solution

AstraZeneca was looking for a solution that would deliver consistent assessment and archiving practices across all media types (even paper). They wanted one tool they could use for archiving, which would simplify the entire company’s data management processes.

They implemented Micro Focus Content Manager; a governance-based enterprise content management system designed to help global organizations manage their business content from creation to disposal.

The Result

Upon implementation of Content Manager, they were able to see some significant improvements in their content management practices.

They were able to save an astounding $44 million after they centralized their archiving practices and consolidated practices to a single solution. These savings were realized because they were able to improve their data search from days or weeks to hours or minutes. They also saved in storage due to identifying information not requiring retention or is related to decommissioned systems and moving information not requiring retention to the Content Manager database.

Additionally, they reduced their corporate risk, a task often considered, but not easily done.

For a more detailed description of the benefits they saw from their Content Manager implementation, read the full customer success story.

A Look at Content Manager

The Micro Focus Secure Content Management suite integrates file analysis, structured data management, and governance-based enterprise content management to help you identify, analyze, manage, retain, and consign both unstructured and structured data across the entire lifecycle.

Content Manager helps you balance collaboration and productivity while upholding standards for privacy and regulatory compliance requirements. It helps you identify data and be able to fetch it quickly in the case of discovery.

There are many content management solutions out there, but none rival Content Manager for control it gives over the entire information lifecycle of your data.

Here are some reasons Content Manager is the premier choice for enterprises globally looking to get control of their growing amounts of data:

Precision and Performance

Content Manager gets users answers fast. It contains innovative search facilities that offer a highly configurable route to get to specific answers quickly, while a rapid Quick Search utility with access to saved and pre-built public searches provide a ready catalogue for the most popular criteria.

Additionally, Content Manager enables automation to improve efficiency through automatic classification, folder creation, policy application, and advanced disposal processing.

Focus on User Experience

Micro Focus considers their products to be live and breathing entities that require consistent maintenance and care. We have a dedicated team of UI/UX engineers that work hard to innovate Content Manager’s interface to improve workflow efficiency and configuration flexibility. We take feedback directly from our users and implement their suggestions into future iterations. Our engineers have good understanding of how our individual customers’ environments run, allowing us to maintain optimum performance and results.

Security and Protection

 The architecture of Micro Focus products provides strategic security for companies using them. Large-scale enterprise organizations have established Content Manager as the ECM of choice due to its industry standard controls for secure access and an explicit, configurable permissions system. If you need to take security seriously, Content Manager was built for you.

Product Scope and Scalability

Content Manager uses a mange-in-place framework to apply holds to content in external repositories without the need to migrate to a central repository because sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to move critical content into a central repository. Additionally, recent releases includes a full integration with SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and OneDrive.

To address the data workflow needs of individual organizations, Application Integration APIs provide organizations access to their data in a standards-based and secure way that integrates with line-of-business processes.

Certification and Compliance

Content Manager is certified against DoD5015.2 and VERS, designed to the international standard of Content Manager, ISO 15489:2001, and elements of ISO 16175: Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments. In normal speak, Content Manager helps you remain compliant in a strategic way.

Further, we build in technical capability to support your regulatory compliance efforts. Content Manager helps you manage your data effectively through the entire information lifecycle and helps you do so compliantly.

Learn how you can meet regulatory and data privacy guidelines though enterprise content management.

Read the full AstraZeneca success story.

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