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Selecting a Content Services Platform? Read This First!

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Omdia recently published a paper analyzing the top players in the content services space. Deciding which one is right for your organization can be hard, but with the help of this paper, it doesn’t have to be.


Omdia published a paper, Securing and Protecting Content Using a Content Services Platform, explaining the aspects of a complete content services platform. Within, they provide suggestions for capabilities you should have in your platform along with other important pieces to consider for your overall content services strategy.

Remember when we all used to work in an office? Well, those days are likely gone forever. More people are working from home than ever before and that is likely to stay the case.

However, remote work isn’t all shorts and flip-flops. Remote work has presented some new challenges for organizations that need to support a dispersed workforce.

One of the main challenges now facing organizations is protecting and securing content, especially with tightening regulations. Businesses that don’t take content management seriously face an onslaught of potential problems including falling out of regulatory compliance, losing important content, or being unaware of contentious content.

Long story short, get a handle on your content if you want to remain viable in today’s cutthroat business landscape.

Omdia’s report goes into detail on how organizations can leverage content services platforms to get a handle on their content, providing them with a competitive advantage.

Here are Omdia’s suggestions for features and capabilities you should be on the lookout for in your content services platform:

Document Management and Collaboration

Without employees being in a physical office together, specific capabilities that enable collaboration within your content services platform are more important than ever. Integration with other technologies employed by your organization, like Microsoft 365, is necessary. After content is created, a way to review, edit, and publish documents needs to be in place.

Additionally, capabilities for electronic signatures are increasingly important. Document security allows users with different levels of permissions to work on different portions of a document at the same time. Collaboration features like support for shared and personal workspaces, project-based work, and the ability to collaborate and annotate shared documents will help your team be more productive with content creation and content management.

Effective Search

What good is having content if you can’t find it? The ability to search across disparate applications and repositories, both on-prem and cloud-based, is a seemingly basic, yet vitally important piece of your platform. It should be able to perform a single search that returns a result list containing both cloud and om-premise stored content.

To make the search more effective, an automated classification of content upon creation is needed. When content is automatically classified and indexed when it’s made, your search is more accurate.

APIs are also an important facet to consider because these make searching and viewing results in other applications doable. Another way to improve productivity is through the ability for users to subscribe to a search so they receive updates when new items are found that match a query. Multiple ways of searching should be present including full text, metadata, faceted, keyword, full content, Boolean, and web search (embedded within the content management user interfaces.)

Artificial Intelligence for Analytics

Your data is an important asset and if it isn’t working for you, you’re missing out on some strategic insight. Advanced AI analytics should be embedded throughout the solution. Machine learning can be applied to different areas such as asset recognition, including different types of documents or specific content within documents. What takes a human a while, AI can do almost instantly.

Familiarity with your content can be accelerated through AI and ML and can give you insight into how your content is being used, who is using it, or if it is being used at all. This provides actionable insight on whether you should keep or delete certain pieces of content, so you always stay in regulatory compliance.


More people working from home means organizations must implement additional measures to protect content. Additionally, cloud is gaining momentum in the content management space, including within content services platforms. You should consider cloud options when selecting a content services platform since they can provide additional service measures.

Ensure your platform has collaboration features that can help make your team more effective while working in different places. Additionally, ensure these collaboration features support remote working. Also, since you likely use collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, integration with them will be important.

AI can be your best friend when used with your content services platform. Take a look at the roadmaps of the vendors you’re analyzing to get a sense of how they use AI to innovate their products.

It is important that your platform supports content security, privacy, and compliance.

Content Manager and Content Manager Cloud

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