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Streamlining Document Management: Innovations in OpenText™︎ AppEnhancer 23.2 and 23.4

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Streamlining OpenText's Mid-Market Document Management Platform with Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Solutions

At a time when efficient document management is a key driver for business value and success, OpenText AppEnhancer 23.2 and 23.4 deliver even more value for mid-market organizations using the AppEnhancer Platform. These releases highlight OpenText's commitment to innovation, offering cost-effective, easy-to-use, yet highly productive solutions for document lifecycle management and compliance.

AppEnhancer 23.2: Tailored Efficiency for Customer Needs

 23.2 introduces new functionality that address some important challenges faced by customers using the AppEnhancer platform:

Recycle Bin

This feature provides a safeguard for deleted documents, allowing for their restoration or permanent removal by authorized users only. It's an essential tool for managing document lifecycles efficiently and with proper compliance.

Licensing via OTDS

The introduction of OTDS licensing supports more flexible and resilient system management, catering to the dynamic needs of growing businesses which demand high availability.

Hidden Fields

Enhancing data privacy, this feature allows the capture of sensitive data without exposing it to all users, aligning with compliance needs.

Validation Mask for User Stamps

This update ensures accountability and traceability in document handling, crucial for audit trails and compliance.

REST API Enhancements

The addition of a Swagger interface aids developers in integrating and extending the system's capabilities, fostering an environment of innovation.

AppEnhancer 23.4: Advancing Document Management Automation 

23.4 further refines the document management experience for AppEnhancer administrators and developers:

Retention Management Administration

Replacing desktop utilities, this function integrates seamlessly into the AppEnhancer Administration environment, enhancing document retention capabilities without added complexity of desktop tools, and providing a unified interface for managing Retention Policies and Rules.

AppEnhancer Import Utility (AppEnhancer CLI)

This new utility provides power users with a local bulk import client. Customers, integrators, and developers have a modern CLI for AppEnhancer import operations. This is only the beginning of CLI operations which can be used to work with the AppEnhancer platform.

AppEnhancer Auto Index and KeyRef Service

Supporting critical document indexing functionalities, this service improves import automation with back-end job management to support the Import Utiliti across a wide range of clients. 

OpenTextTm AppEnhancer 23.2 and 23.4 represent a significant leap forward in document management for AppEnhancer customers, developers, and integrators. By balancing innovation with user-friendliness, these updates offer a cost-effective, efficient, and time-saving solution, enabling businesses to focus on growth while ensuring compliance and effective document lifecycle management. 

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