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Saving multiple emails - Document Queue Options


In CM9.4 when I drag multiple emails onto the List Pane the Document Queue Options window opens and from there I can select the Default Record Type, Default Container etc. However, in CM10.1 Build 574 Patch 1 when I do the same thing the Document Queue Options window does not contain the Default Record Type or Default Container options.

Is this intentional or a bug?

Is the only workaround to set the Default Record Type and Container via File > Options > Documents before dragging in multiple emails?




  • HI  ,

    As I understand it, you're dragging multiple emails from your Inbox. Has it been setup as a Document Queue / Linked folder? 

    If you close the Document Queue Options dialog, and right-click on the Process Email in Folder - Inbox window, what menu options are available to you? 



    Shiela Torrevillas
    Senior Software Support Engineer

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  • Hi Shiela,

    Thanks for responding to my question and apologies for the delay in replying.

    The Inbox has not been set up as a Document Queue / Linked folder. If I close the Document Queue Options dialog there is no right-click Process Email in Folder window. 



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  • Fyi - Shiela will be back to work next Monday!

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  • Hi Jack,

    We're seeing the same behavior and will investigate further. To me it seems some flexibility for 'on the fly' document queue processing has been removed. I currently cannot say why it's been removed or find any specific CR's associated to this change. I did note some defaults would seemingly overlap and speculate the change being tied to some user option redesign in CM 10.1, and more specifically the changes associated to the following Release Note; 

    "Option to use a Check In Style for record creation From the Content Manager User Options – Documents page, users can set a default Check in Style to be used when dragging and dropping a document on to Content Manager to create a new record. The Check In Style’s Record Type will be selected by default on the Check In document dialog, and any default settings associated with the Check In Style will be applied to the new record. This default Check In Style will also be used when processing a dropped folder, or multiple documents."

    Can I ask if there's been a support case for this? It can help to streamline details for looking into potential workarounds, as well as any associated cr's defect/enhancements that might result. Better align on use case and impacts etc. Let me know. Thanks. 



  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Relaxed

    There's no support case for this as far as I know.

    I can understand what Micro Focus is aiming for, i.e. that Check In Styles are used whenever emails or documents are being processed into CM; however; it's still a clunky process for users. 

    I also noticed that even though my Check In Style has the Record Type set, I still get asked to select a Record Type when the first email is being processed. 

    I think for users processing a few emails 'on the fly' it's probably easiest to drag them into CM > right-click and select Options > Tick 'If possible, suppress entry form' > Click OK > Tag All > Check In. They'll still get asked to select a Record Type for each email being processed but if it's only a few it's not such a big deal.