Document queues and Origins question


I'm new in Content Manager so sorry for my questios if they are too basic:

- I have a windows folder with a lot of documents (doc, xls, pdf, etc.). I need Content Manager to ingest all of these documents and create records. Is there any way to do that as a bulk instead of doing it document by document? I have created a document queue pointing to the windows folder by I see that I need to check in each document one by one in order to the record be created.

- Is there any way that the physical documents stay in their source location (windows folder) and we have in Content Manager only the records and each of these records has a reference to the original document without uploading it to its dataset document store? This way we don't duplicate physical documents in our server.

- We are trying to using Content Manager as a complent for IDOL to cover some functionalities our customer needs but IDOL doens't cover, like arranging documents in virtual folders and exporting them as a bulk (including the physical file). Is there a way for Content Manager to ingest documents from an IDOL content server? or better, is there any way that Content Manager create records from IDOL but only reference to the original electronic physical file in IDOL source? This way we don't have duplicate documents. I have read about Origins in Content Manager but I cannot manage how to do this.

Thanks a lot,



Content Manager 23.4