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Hi All,

I am trying to run a report that will show me users that have not used CM for the last 12 months.  This will allow me to take back licences.  I have tried searching utilising the Active Audit Events, but as we have the integration with MS Office, even if a user does not open CM it will register them as having logged in if they open a MS Office Application.

Just wondering if anyone can provide some info on how to search for this information.



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  • Yes they should be using it, but are they?  That is what I want to find out.

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    We have a customer that requested a similar requirement. I developed a simple utility (using the .NET SDK) which would generate a report based on certain criteria:

    Generally, they just use the 'Any Activity' option which covers the other 3 options as well as any other events such as login/logout. It uses the online Audit Logs as the source data. It searches based on the currently active users.

    At the end, a report is generated, and they can verify the output to see that it is correct if they want to. They can edit the report to remove any users they don't want to deactivate.

    When they are happy to process the deactivations, they use the report as an input to a second custom tool that will then deactivate the users.

    They run this process every so often. Yes, occasionally there may be a case where a user is mistakenly deactivated (e.g. someone is on long term leave), but then a quick call to their internal service desk will get them reactivated.

    They also have tools that will act on reports generated daily by their HR system that indicates when users join or leave their organisation, and that goes into another custom tool that will also create/activate/deactivate users accordingly.



  • Thanks for that Mike, at least I now know it can be done....