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Allow selection of Email Notification types

Status: Needs Clarification

Hello, We have had some updates to the email notifications over the several releases from CM10.0 onwards. Let me know the useful alerts for you and the user who needs to configure them.

See status update history

Currently (in Content Manager 10.0 at least), email notifications from workgroup servers are either on or off.  It would be great if the type of email notifications could be selected, as there can be a lot of emails generated every day in a large implementation, and many of these notifications are of no concern.  I've had to set up many Outlook rules to make the volume of emails manageable and filter out some of the noise.  Other alerts are extremely useful.  Apologies if this has already been addressed in a later version that I'm not aware of.

  • The Content Manager Notification emails from the workgroup servers have certain subjects/subject lines/alert types.
    "Content Manager Workgroup Server Notification - Alert Raised. Event Processor-<event type> reported Blocked By Error"
    "Content Manager Notification - Error connecting to database '<ID>' for processor 'PDF and TIF Rendering'"
    "Content Manager Notification - Time-based event processing error occurred on database '<ID>' for processor 'Signed Copy Rendering'"
    "Content Manager Notification - Could not delete the file '<path\to\file>'"
    "Content Manager Notification - Error connecting to database '<ID>' for processor <event type>"
    "Content Manager Notification - Connection to dataset '<datatset name(ID)>' for '<user ID>' failed. The supplied login name has not been registered as a Content Manager user and no guest account is available."
    "Content Manager Notification - Error executing SQL statement: <driver>Operation canceled"
    "Content Manager Notification - IDOL function aciObjectExecute() failed with ACICONTENT_ERRORPARSING"

    Given that there is a pre-defined set of email notifications generated, these alert types should be able to be individually selected (or by category of alert type) by system administrators to receive only the alerts they want to receive. Some alerts are useful to me, some are not. e.g. I do want to know when an event server is blocked by an error. I don't want to know when someone who doesn't have an account tried to open a dataset they don't have access to. 

    I have tens of thousands of alerts from the workgroup servers and have deleted hundreds of thousands more. This is within one year of enabling the alerts. Some of the alerts occur every minute, so it would be ideal if the frequency of these alerts could be set as well, e.g. one per hour of certain alert types, rather than every minute.

    The most annoying are those that a dataset if offline when I've selected "stop all connections" to perform system maintenance. I received thousands of these emails one night. I knew the dataset was offline because I chose to make it offline.

    Hope this clarifies.

  • Oh yes please! Some alerts are just not applicable to our setup!!!