Idea ID: 2877309

Allow User to receive and Accept a PII banner before getting into the Content manager application.

Status: Accepted

We will be adding an "accept" and "disagree" button to the broadcast feature, you will be able to customize the message.

See status update history

Our Content Manager application (version 10.1.574) contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information.  When a user launches the content manager application and selects the dataset, we need a banner to pop up that will display the DOD caution text informing the user that they are accessing a system that contains Personally Identifiable Information, that is for official use only and must be protected from improper disclosure....etc.  The user should have to click "Accept" or "I Agree" before getting into the application.  

We can't use the operating system login banner because this doesn't apply to that whole network of thousands of users just this application and the people accessing this application.  

This is being mandated by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Program so need to figure out some way to implement this.

  • I recommend custom pop up so that the org and write what they want their terms to be.  I just made a web page that stood in front of the website to take care of the terms of use.  A bit of java magic used to close the window if they don't accept...

  • Will the Broadcast feature extend to the WebApp as well?

  • Ideally OpenText should consider enhancing the  External Links > Generic Addin function to target database objects or something along those lines to indicate a TRIM Desktop client has been launched in UI mode enabling organisation to develop custom scripts to do something when the TRIM client is first launched. 

    Although not 100% full proof, you could consider using:

    - Using the TIP.TXT file by replace default tips with your PII message

    - Develop a custom application/batch script that displays your acceptance banner and then launch Trim client. This would mean, you'd replace your TRIM client shortcuts with the custom application/script..but won't work if a user launches TRIM using other methods such as a TRIM Link or via Office Integration Addins.

  • I would change this slightly so a 'custom defined' EULA equivalent can be displayed, so for some this can be a PII Disclaimer, others may be just agreeing to an acceptable use policy defined by the organisation.

    Two buttons:

    Agree -> App Opens and records an optional Location audit entry against the user (similar to a logon event)

    Disagree -> Closes the app and records an optional Location audit entry against the user (similar to a logoff event)

    The closest we can get at the moment is using the Broadcast message which only gives a 'single button' at logon.


  • This popup is also required on/before the CM website.