Idea ID: 2878699

Content Manager displaying error - 'Object reference not set to an object’

Status: New Idea

This issue is realted to Content Manager 23.4 Patch 1. While adding a new document from Microsoft Word document using 'Check in As', our testers encountered the following error message. 


We further investigated and found that the error message is displayed because the user does not have permissions to add the document to the specified folder. We reported this issue to Open Text. We provided step by step instructions to reproduce the issue and indicated that we think this message is displayed becasue the user does not have permission to the folder.

Open Text support engineer response was: 

As your team revealed that you are getting this message because the user does not have permissions to this folder".
Kindly provide the permission to the users and that is the solution.

When asked what if we do not want to provide the user with permissions becasue we do not want the user to add documents to this folder. Shouldn't Content Manager display a message indicating that the user does not have permissions to the folder? Open Text response was, this is an enhancement request and advised to add it to Idea Exchange so that it can be considered.

We argued with Open Text that this is a bug and as a user we should not have to figure out what Content Manager is complaining about. I also told Open Text that I will post this issue to the user community to see what they think, is it a bug and proper message should be given or it it an enhancement that a user should request. Hence I posted it here.

The issue is still with Open Text as case 02869867. I believe Open Text did not even investigae the issue properly as further testing revealed that although Content Manager displays the error message, it still creates meta data record for the document but user is not aware of it. We had to bring it to support teams attention.

I will expect user community to share their opinion on whther it is a bug or an enhancement and request Open Text to consider fixing this issue.


  • Thank you for your input, Peter and Strider_1.

    In the software development word, you do find this message which in part may be due to poor programming and poor exception handling. This message is meaningless and for an average user it is very hard to find out the cause. Most of the time the developer of the software may need to debug the program. However, our experienced Administrator found the cause of this issue which will save a lot of headaches to Open Text to find what is causing this issue, in case they decide to fix it.

  • Agreed, definitely a bug.

    Dear OpenText, the reason for the message might not be a bug but the message itself is useless and hints that there is a much greater problem in existence. The fact that your users are required to investigate and report such issues is really not good enough. 

  • I think you have a case because it's obviously an inappropriate message to display. We as IT users need the ease of support for the product and incorrect or uninformative error messages do not help.