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Content Manager – Set default email Format when using ‘Send To’

Status: New Idea

We are testing CM23.4 Patch 1. When a user selects a record, right clicks the record, uses ‘Sent To’ and then selects ‘email’, a new Outlook Window comes up. The default ‘Format text’ selected is ‘Rich Text’ as shown below.

In CM10.0, it defaults to HTML format. We created a case [02874708] with Open Text and were told that the default now has changed to use 'Rich Text' format. We believe there should be an option to choose a default format either that the System level or at the user level rather than forcing the user to manually select HTML format.


  • Cheers SKV - yes, very frustrating.

    CM seems to be a case of 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards with each new release at the moment.

  • Thank you for your input, Strider_1. The issue was reported to Open Text as case no. 02874708. The technical support team indicated that this is not a bug, there is no option to change it and that it is an enhancement request. They suggested to add it to idea exchange.

    It is kind of getting frustrating to get technical support in a timely manner and convince the team that they need to get the issues fixed. It defaulted to HTML in Content Manager 10 but to Rich Text in CM23.4.


  • I would consider this a bug and mandatory to have fixed. The rich text format email is simply not user friendly and it makes no sense to have made this change.