Idea ID: 2878905

Enable Author Field to be Mandatory and searching for locations when registering from office integration add in CM 23.4

Status: New Idea

Banyule City Council like many local government agencies use the Author field as a mandatory field when records are registered into CM. This assists agencies to meet PROS 19/05 S2 Minimum Metadata requirements which specifies "Agent" as a primary field, which is information about who or what created the record. 

As seen from the snip below, the Author field recognises my CM location however gives the "please fill out this field" error even though I am recognised. Searching by Author is used a keyway to search for records and find all contact records for a location.

The impact of not being able to force this field to be completed by either recognising the user if already in CM, or being able to search for a location in CM would result in non-compliance with PROV standards, making it very difficult to locate the record by the sender (ie. author) and make for very incomplete records in CM and diminish our data integrity.