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Improve Content Manager Notification Email - This Operation is not permitted

Status: New Idea

Content Manager sends emails notification without much information.

Below is sample email:

From: xxxxxxDOCSUAT <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 3:23 PM
To: xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx <xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Content Manager Notification - This operation is not permitted.

Content Manager Workgroup Server running on reported the following message:
Error: This operation is not permitted.
User: N/A
Dataset ID: UT
Machine Name: xxxxxxdocsuat02
This email message has been automatically generated by Content Manager (

The email was sent to me as an administrator from CM23.4 Patch 1 environment by Content Manager. It does not tell what was operation was not permitted and who the user was.

The issue was reported to open text as case 02875804. Open Text was not able to provide any technical support and the response from the support was:

  • the logs didn't provide enough information
    [Open Text - Please improve on error handling and logging]

  • without knowing what was being done at that time we are unable to reproduce it and get the same email
    [We have over 4500 users. How can I tell who was doing what? Open Text - Plesae improve on error handling and logging]

  • and the email always shows this User: N/A which would require an ER so that they can provide the information regarding the users that performed any task within Content manager.
    [Open Text - As your support engineer indicated, plesae improve the logging so provide some meaningful information.]

Thank you.