Idea ID: 2873840

Provide Records on Hold Count - in the HOLD properties

Status: Accepted


When viewing Legal Holds and Hold metadata, as well as Hold Report Layouts - provide a count of the records on Hold.

When viewing Legal Hold attached Query - provide a view that is relevant for users outside of CM - so that the URI is not the default search parameter viewed.

Benefits / Value:

For a quick view of Holds from a non-CM admin perspective, this provides a quicker dashboard of the holds. If a HOLD list is sent to a non-CM user, in Legal for example, the Legal group can get a quick view of the relevant info available based on that hold Query. Also in a Hold report layout, the current view of an attached query may not make sense as the query shows the URI of the Owner, rather than the Owner display name. Therefore it is difficult for a non-CM user to validate that the correct query is being run.

Design details

  •  Add a metadata property count based on the last time the number of items on the hold were added - Item Count on Hold.
  • Add a metadata property based on the last time the attached query was run, and the count of the search result items - Item Count from Attached Query
    • These properties should also be available in column view
  • Make sure the Legal Hold attached query does not show a URI, but also the display name of a location.