Voltage SecureMail Support


How do I get in contact with support about a Voltage SecureMail issue?
I was sent an email that said to post it in the forums since they are parting ways with Micro Focus.

I have had issues with Voltage SecureMail a couple times over the last 3 weeks. Our officers request reports from AT&T for investigations and AT&T has started using Voltage SecureMail.
The links send the officers to a page to create their account then they get a verfication link that send them back to the create account page with the error 

"For your security, the requested link is no longer valid.

To continue, please sign up."

They Sign up again and the same loop happens.
I called AT&T who were unable to help since Voltage is third party and I called Micro Focus who can't put in a ticket because we aren't the client, AT&T is. 

We have had the issue with 2 officers over 3 weeks now.