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Announcing Micro Focus Data Protector 10.03

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We are proud to announce the latest update to Micro Focus Data Protector our enterprise-class backup and recovery software for hybrid environments (physical, virtual and cloud). Data Protector was specifically designed for dynamic, data-driven data centers. It is the core component of our Data Protection Suite which also includes Backup Navigator, an analytics, monitoring and reporting tool which allows customers to monitor and optimize their backup and recovery environment and backup strategy. Backup Navigator 9.90, which supports Data Protector 10.03, is also available today. VM Explorer 7.0, a VM backup and replication for VMware and Hyper-V environments and a part of the Data Protection Suite, is also available starting today.

The new, Micro Focus rebranded release of Data Protector is available to our customers to download now from the Micro Focus support site.  With Data Protector 10.03 we also introduced a new Micro Focus Documentation Portal. Data Protector technical docs such as support matrices and various guides can be now found in this single location.Cell Manager.PNG

 To catch up on the most recent Data Protector releases, read these blogs about Data Protector 10.00 which introduced the new web-based user interface; and Data Protector 10.01 and Data Protector 10.02 which added more features to the Consolidated Scheduler which gave users greater control to manage their environments. 

Here are some highlights of the key features and their benefits in Data Protector 10.03:  

1. Software hardening resulted in a more robust and reliable release. Hardening includes:

  • Rolling out Data Protector 10.03 as a full, direct install. Our customers can upgrade directly from Data Protector 9.0x to Data Protector 10.03 in a single step, simplifying the installation process and saving time.
  • Other features include updating the KeyCloak service which handles user management and some security items with better LDAP user management features.


2. Usability improvements to the Data Protector Consolidated Scheduler which simplify management and save time and cost. They include:

  • Scheduling via Data Protector CLI – Introducing a method to create, modify and manage schedules using the “omnidbutil” command. This command makes it easier for large or complex deployments where REST API knowledge is not available or where other scripting/batch processing methods are preferred;
  • Scheduler pause/resume timeframe while maintenance of the DP Cell Manager is planned or ongoing;
  • Cloning of schedules for a given specification– save administration time in larger or complex deployments.DP Cell Manager.PNG

 3.  Integrations with the ITOM portfolio include Business Value Dashboard (BVD). BVD displays point in time backup data which is accessible from anywhere from any device for executives to monitor and suggest changes to backup processes if needed. BVD is completely customizable using standard office tools. data protector Itom integrations.png


4. Storage integrations with third-party storage systems enable Data Protector 10.03 customers with heterogeneous environments to benefit from easier integrations with these storage systems, simplifying management and reducing costs:

  • Out-of-the-box support for HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage.  When combined with HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank, Data Protector 10.03 enables seamless data transfer between on-premise backup data sets and cloud targets such as Amazon AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure without the need for a separate appliance such as a gateway. There is no need for data re-hydration, and since all metadata is transferred to the cloud target, restores are possible even after the loss of the HPE StoreOnce device
  • NetApp NDMP 3-way backup implementation enables backups to be done via a standard media/backup server to HPE StoreOnce or Data Protector File Library.
    It also allows for replication of data to another HPE StoreOnce partner or via Cloud Bank into a Cloud Store.
  • Data immutability feature allows enterprises to protect the HPE StoreOnce Catalyst backup and backup copies from backup administrators who have the ability to expire this data from the backup application. The Data Protector retention period can be set to the corporate requirement, and the StoreOnce retention period is set to match this time.
  • New storage certifications have been added for Data Protector to back up HPE SimpliVity hyper-converged system and HPE Nimble array.


5. Platforms and integrations provide Data Protector 10.03 customers with more backup to cloud options such as:

  • Support for Amazon S3 API compatible devices. Data Protection DP 10.03 supports Amazon AWS S3 and compatible variants such as Ceph and Scality. Customers can either perform direct backups to the cloud target, or create a local backup and then perform object copy operation to the cloud target.Cloud Correction settings.png



To find technical documentation on the Data Protection Suite, please got to the new Micro Focus Documentation Portal

You can learn more at the product pages here:




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