Announcing Micro Focus Data Protector 2019.05

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We are excited to announce the availability of Data Protector 2019.05, our enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution for diverse, distributed enterprises; and Backup Navigator 2019.05, a reporting companion product to Data Protector. Built on a scalable and adaptive architecture that combines analytics, automation, and security, Data Protector enables organizations to meet the most demanding data protection, disaster recovery, and compliance requirements for hybrid IT environments

With this release, we introduce enterprise usability improvements, continue to enhance integrated reporting, and further integrate with NetApp storage.dp 201905.png

Release highlights

Platform Integrations

  • Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB) for NetApp SnapMirror with ONTAP 9.x enables Data Protector to leverage array-based replication to back up file systems and SQL, VMware and Oracle databases providing fast and efficient backups for both primary and secondary NetApp storage systems
  • Comprehensive support matrix: Support for PostgreSQL clustering allows users to back up and restore multi-master high-availability clusters in PostgreSQL environments

Virtualization Enhancements

  • H3C CAS virtualization enhancements include support for incremental and differential backup; restore to new Virtual Machine and Changed Block Tracking

Enterprise Readiness

  • Performance improvements in terms of response times for the web-based Graphical User Experience (GUI) - changing from IE to Chromium provides a better user experience
  • Secure backup and restore: Improved security as a result of white hat penetration testing and National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) pre-check testing
  • Installation and upgrade improvements include enhancements to the installation pre-check, improved pre-check conditions and Multi-NIC handling along with general application server improvements.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Enhanced integrated reporting with support for Ubuntu for reporting server installations. Furthermore, detailed problem description and recommended actions for a substantial number of Data Protector errors provides faster discovery of root causes for backup failures leading to a quicker resolution
  • Backup Navigator 2019.05 adds support for Data Protector 2019.05, as well as provides enhanced performance and scalability improvements around data collections to improve user experience

Documentation Changes

  • Online help has been replaced with an offline bundle of the entire documentation for the current release. The context sensitivity is retained. In addition to viewing the help topics, you can now browse through the entire documentation, offline.
  • Documentation is localized into French, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese languages. The localization content available will always be at the previous release level. For example, Data Protector 2019.05 documentation contains localized content for Data Protector 2019.02.
  • Practitioner notes in the Micro Focus ITOM Practitioner Portal is a node where product experts within or outside the company can share information pertaining to ITOM products. This node is created for the maintenance of technical information that supplements the product documentation.

Contact your Micro Focus Partner or Sales Representative today to find out how to take advantage of this new release, or try it with the free 90-day trial!

For more information on Data Protector 2019.05, including technical guides, product features and support matrices, please visit the Micro Focus Practitioners Portal.


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