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The world is not short on its supply of data, particularly in unstructured type. Where the world IS lacking, however, is in its ability to process and analyze this data amidst rising storage and compliance problems. Read on to learn how IDOL utilizing artificial intelligence helps organizations analyze their data efficiently and compliantly.

The last thing any company needs is information that doesn’t make it into their system and sits ungoverned in various repositories. Bad.

Knowing the type and content of your data is critical for business success and, more importantly, regulatory compliance.

When you think of regulatory compliance, which I’m sure has a permanent residence in your mind, you likely are not thinking of artificial intelligence. However, we believe AI is the unsung hero for regulatory compliance.

AI and Automation for Regulatory Compliance

Micro Focus IDOL is an unstructured data analytics platform that provides unified text, speech, and video analytics with support for over 1000 data formats.

IDOL can do a lot. Here are some of the many features IDOL contains that can help you remain in regulatory compliance:

Data Collection

The amount of data your company collects is likely increasing, which in turn increases the demand for analytics on the data. IDOL can help maximize the amount of data your application can access.

Using Connectors, IDOL can synchronize data from over 150 repository types, including:

  • Local and network file systems
  • Internet servers, websites, and social media feeds
  • Cloud-based storage like Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Azure Blob
  • Email servers like Microsoft Exchange (on-prem and online), IMAP, and POP3
  • Database servers such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL
  • Document management and collaboration systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Confluence, Lithium, and Alfresco.

Data collection from IDOL reduces the risk associated with manage-in-place. These connectors can operate in a bidirectional mode, allowing you to take actions directly on the source repository.

File Type Detection

 Irrelevant files can cause a huge waste in CPU time or the misprocessing of crucial information. This situation can easily result in a breach of your regulatory compliance, gearing your company for an onslaught of fines, fees, and litigation.

Instead of relying on falsifiable filename extensions or short magic numbers, IDOL forensically examines each file by focusing on the most differentiating characteristics first and going as deep as needed to resolve ambiguity results in faster answers and a lower error rate.

Misidentifying file types can lead to all sorts of information breaches, leaving your data vulnerable and at risk for regulatory investigations. IDOL can clearly identify files with non-existent or ambiguous MIME types, adding detail such as character set identification, encryption status, format classification, and format version. This additional information gives you the precision to base your downstream routing and processing decisions.

Entity Extraction and Redaction

GDPR, CCPA, and other corporate policies in place to govern how data is handled can require a fast retrieval of sensitive data and other entities of interest. Doing so manually could result in unmet timelines and breaches of compliance.

Micro Focus maintains an extensive library of highly optimized grammars ranging across languages, countries, and industries, allowing for easy identification of entities like personal identifiable information (PII).

You can also redact sensitive content in text, images, audio, and video to comply with legal and corporate mandates.  Finding and securing documents containing entities of interest reduces compliance risk and saves countless labor hours. Watch the "Entity Extraction with Micro Focus IDOL" video.

Conceptual Classification

 The ability to automatically assign documents to categories according to the concepts the document and category have in common can drastically improve user efficiency. The AI and machine learning power of IDOL allow you to train categories conceptually, either with a set of representative documents, by writing free text, or by wiring Boolean expressions that describe the relevant concepts.

These conceptual categories provide a more intuitive way of navigating your documents. You can also filter out unimportant information from a high-volume set of information, allowing you to focus on tasks that matter most, all while saving time and money.

Extract Maximum Value, Minimum Risk

IDOL performs analytics on your unstructured data to provide you with maximum value from your data. Not only is your data more valuable with the analytical capabilities of IDOL, but it is also more secure and handled in a way that takes the human error out of regulatory compliance.

The features listed above, in addition to many more, are what make IDOL so powerful when analyzing unstructured data.

When you can streamline your unstructured data analytics, you streamline your regulatory compliance in tandem.

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