Compliance Archive: The Low-Latency Challenge

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DigitSafeHeader.jpgIn the second installment of her series (the first of which you can read here), technical director Anne Vincenti explains the technical challenges of developing an archiving solution that meets the complex needs of today’s enterprise organizations. Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 and Supervisor 10 harness the right technologies and architectures to serve our customers’ compliance, monitoring, and analytical needs.

Compliance Archive: The Low-Latency Challenge

graph1Fixed.pngThis blog series looks at compliance archiving application characteristics and the applicability of cloud environmentsboth public and privateto the compliance archiving market.

To optimize cloud resources, highly-regulated enterprises will often look to include storage applications as part of their initial wave of applications moving to the public cloud. In particular, they look for storage applications where there are latency tolerance and a limited need to query or extract data, as illustrated in Figure 1.

Cold Storage and Backup Applications Tolerate Latency

The most popular (and often the initial) use for connecting on-premises infrastructure and public clouds is data backup and recovery. Thanks to technologies like compression, deduplication, and block-level incremental backups, the connection between an on-premises backup storage system and public cloud storage don't need to be high-speed. A basic business-class connection usually works. An on-premises device serves as a cache or tier, and older backups automatically move to the public cloud cold storage tier when user access to the data drops below a certain threshold. The advantage of the cache-tier method is that the on-premises investment is relatively small and rarely needs upgrading.

Cold storage represents a high ROI use case for the public cloud. Enterprise storage solutions analyze on-premises production media for data that has not been accessed in a user-defined period, typically more than one year. Those files are then moved to a secondary storage resource that is less expensive on a per terabyte basis. They are also infrequently accessed in the cloud, avoiding egress charges that can end up as unwelcome surprises on service bills.

Compliance Archiving Complexity Demands Low Latency

Compliance archives bring a different set of performance requirementsone where extremely complex queries need to be executed within seconds against a large body of metadata that has been captured from multiple electronic communication channels. The high-performance search also demands low latency. These attributes would guide IT leadership to consider moving the application to a public cloud later in a cloud migration execution plan. A private cloud deployment addresses both the need to secure sensitive data and the need to deliver fast performance as it is optimized for the specific characteristics of the application. Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 includes a high-performance search and export capability, with innovative features that provide an effortless, yet feature-rich, user experience. Digital Safe Search & Export allows for highly complex, nested searches with capabilities such as Boolean (AND, OR, NOT, etc.), wildcards, directional, and non-directional proximity and stemming.   

Smart Compliance Archiving with Digital Safe

Figure2.pngA self-healing, optimized indexing engine powers Digital Safe’s contextual-based search. It can scale to match the most demanding archiving and querying needs—delivering unmatched integrity, accuracy, and performance. And because we built Digital Safe 10 on a compliance data lake, searching and querying the system is consistent across the entire offering. Any query within Search and Export will have a consistent result in Supervisor and other Digital Safe product lines.

Micro Focus has purpose-built our private cloud to be able to handle the high-performance query and low-latency demands of the largest, most demanding regulated enterprises. The private cloud design enables us to deliver a managed solution that offers key cloud benefits such as agility, smooth updates, and cost-effective deployment without sacrificing the performance needed for discovery and surveillance. That fit-for-purpose implementation avoids one of the frequent pitfalls of a public cloud deployment, where surprised users find that many small items add up to a big monthly bill.

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