Content Management "Gets SaaSy!"

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 Content Management (CM) is about managing information effectively and efficiently regardless of its type including physical or digital. It’s about capturing, classifying, and managing, as well as defensibly disposing of information at the end of its lifespan in accordance with internal policies and governance principles and as prescribed by external regulations. This is important because information across the enterprise is unknown and unclassified, typically in silos, policies cannot be universally implemented, information is constantly managed according to policies and regulations, and also can be over-retained!

The CM product line has been addressing these issues and more with an amazing reputation after more than 30 years as a leading enterprise content management solution. It currently serves thousands of customers in the public and private sectors with around two million licensed users around the world.

While an incredible legacy, this poses some challenges such as the majority of the existing customer base. CM was deployed on-premise in a market that has rapidly moved to the cloud and subscription models, is constrained within licensing restrictions regarding functionality and adapting to changing user demands, and customers may be “landlocked” into older versions of the software.

So, what’s new?

First of all, last year we introduced a subscription-based version of the product: Content Manager Select.

In short, CM Select provides flexibility in that is an annual subscription that enables users to rent CM instead of buying it as well as including full support and maintenance included in the annual subscription fee. Additionally, what had been historically optional modules previously licensed separately including Auto-classification, Rendering, Advanced Disposal Processing, Data Warehousing, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are now included with every paid user license. Finally, unlimited Inquiry User (read-only) licenses are included to open up content availability across the enterprise.

So, to net it out, CM Select simplifies purchasing and licensing. Existing CM customers can very easily exchange current perpetual licenses for subscription licenses. Customers can now make unclassified, permissible, or read-only content available for as many users as they’d like. And finally, the subscription model provides an easy pathway for them to transition to a hosted SaaS solution.

This leads us to Content Manager Select SaaS!

Content Manager Select SaaS is a combination of CM Select products along with an underlying cloud-based managed environment (SaaS) provided by a Micro Focus partnership with Citadel. This solution combines the industry-leading and trusted content management solution with a robust, flexible platform that provides the compliance and content oversight required while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

In April, Micro Focus announced this brand new SaaS-based Content Management solution. In the words of Brandon Voight, Director of Sales in Australia/New Zealand… “CM gets SaaSy!”. Brandon does an excellent job summarizing the CM Select SaaS offering in this short video. Share Brandon’s video with your customers using the attached .oft template.

For existing customers, the transition is transparent as we copy your environment, integrations, database, and document store into the cloud. After testing, you log into CM and see the same solution you know and love! For new customers, the flexibility of CM Select SaaS makes an already robust market-leading product even more competitive in the market!

Key benefits of CM Select SaaS solution

  • Simple and efficient – Managing and administrating your content has never been easier as well as avoiding unwelcome, time-consuming product upgrades and testing cycles.
  • Flexibility, Scalability, and Speed – Flexible subscription model removes barriers to deployment and usage on a scalable infrastructure that can be deployed very quickly.
  • Secure – SOC II and ISO 27001 certification, reliability and availability guarantees, a move to CM Select SaaS means your critical data is in the safest hands.
  • Trusted – CM has solid, happy, and, in some cases, fanatic customers worldwide.

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