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Overwhelming Evidence

We are an era where the amount of information we are producing and consuming can feel almost overwhelming sometimes. Corporate policies and procedures are creaking beneath the weight, while individuals face a sea of confusing and complex information to manage.

A recent report on Information Management offered some illuminating statistics:

  • 82 percent of employees say productivity suffers because of poor information management
  • 88% said a reliable search tool from a single place would be beneficial no matter where the data is stored
  • 82% reported they would like an automated system for naming and tagging a document

Manage your data before it manages you

We recently introduced Content Manager 10 as being at the heart of Micro Focus’ holistic approach to information management and governance, part of our Insight Empowered mantra. Content Manager tackles the requirements for a comprehensive tool that empowers smart searching, collaboration and classification, as mentioned above.

Offering many advantages as a leading Enterprise Content Managament (ECM) technology, Content Manager 10 was the showpiece for the recent Micro Focus Universe session entitled “Controlling Business Data, Start to Finish,” which – at a thousand registrants for the Information Management and Governance solutions sessions – was a very well-attended customer event.  

imguni.pngDeeper Dive

Let’s quickly recap the session for those of you who couldn’t make it.

Lifting the Lid

After a short introduction to explain the context and importance of a modern ECM solution, Product Manager Gwendoline Huret unveiled the key themes behind the new Content Manager 10 release, walking us through a few key new features in the areas of

  • Enhanced Web User Experience
  • Microsoft Collaboration and Integration
  • Performance and Precision
  • Flexibility









Figure 1 - Content Manager 10 web UI introduction


Customer Perspectives

One of our customers - NatWest Bank, then joined us in the Content Manager session. Their lucid story outlined the importance of a robust, efficient approach to regulatory requirements including GDPR, 4MLD, and the “right to be forgotten”. They explained their use of Micro Focus Content Manager as part of their internal strategy.

Key Questions

There was time to take a few of the questions from the audience at the end. We have summarised them here in case you missed them.

  1. When is Content Manager 10.1 coming out?

Given we have only just released version 10.0, we don’t have an exact date yet, but generally speaking, we plan for roughly 1.5 year after a major release, so as a general guide, but not a firm date, we are planning towards the latter part of 2022.  

  1. Are you keeping the fat client going?

The thick client desktop (the traditional Content Manager user interface) remains a viable technology for many of our clients. However, as many of you know the industry trend is clearly towards a web-based thin client for business applications. Over time, we envisage the vast majority of product users moving to the web-based interface, at which time we will make decisions about retiring unused features.

  1. We are looking to upgrade, should we go straight to Content Manager 10?

Absolutely! We have customers currently already working on upgrade projects to version 10 and many of our technology partners are already fully engaged in building on top of this release. You get the benefits of all our new capabilities, plus a longer support life, and resolutions to a number of requests based on 9.4. We absolutely want our customers to take advantage of the benefits of version 10. Take a quick look at the Content Manager product collateral on our web page for more information.

  1. Are existing customers moving to Content Manager Select?

Yes, many are. The benefits of Content Manager Select will offer some existing customers a huge opportunity to gain the flexibility they need in their product implementation. If you are not sure about whether it is right for you, contact your Micro Focus representative.

  1. If we are progressively moving to the Content Manager WEB UI, what user roles are currently best suited to the WEB UI?

Currently any non-admin users, who want to search for and work with records, should be more than happy with the efficiency, productivity and user experience of the web-based UI. Administrator users will continue using the desktop client for the next few versions.

  1. What OS will be supported by the mobile app in your roadmap?

We will support the latest releases of Android and IoS



Seeing is believing

To see some of the technology in action, be sure to attend one of the upcoming webinars on our dedicated IM&G Channel. Also, be sure to look at the recorded Content Manager 10 demo on the theme of Microsoft OneDrive Collaboration, here.



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