How Today’s Digital Safe Managed Services Launch Improves and Simplifies Compliance

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Micro Focus announced today that it is launching a portfolio of managed services that will help regulated organizations reduce the costs – and improve the effectiveness – of managing compliance risk. The launch comes at a time when legal and compliance departments face unprecedented challenges in ensuring proper due diligence in their information governance operations. To mark this launch, Achmad Chadran invited Micro Focus’ Vice President, Delivery, for Information Management & Governance, Ian Black, to explain the launch and the context in which it was conceived.

Celebrating Today’s Managed Services Launch

 Today’s announced launch of a new portfolio of managed services marks the next stage of growth and evolution for Micro Focus Digital Safe and the companies and organizations we support. Compliance archiving and supervision have never been simple or straightforward, so as a solution provider we’ve long needed to offer a variety of services to complement our excellent Digital Safe technology. This is how we’ve built up over 20 years of experience in tailoring compliance archiving solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs and strategies, and to overcome their constraints.

This experience has fueled our team’s expertise, our understanding of different client challenges and aspirations, and our growth as an organization. Of course, this work has been instrumental in driving the active evolution of the Digital Safe compliance archiving platform itself. For this reason, our launch event celebrates the contributions of our longstanding clients.

This development is a major milestone on a shared journey. We’re in this together, and are privileged to mark our progress with you.

In Truth We’ve Always Been Here

One may well ask why we’re launching a portfolio of managed services that have been around for over 20 years. In truth, what we’re launching is less a new set of managed service offerings than a new, simpler way for our clients to leverage them.

Thanks to the immense knowledge we’ve gleaned across the rich variety of client engagements we’ve managed over the years, we’ve formulated a more intuitive model for helping organizations address their specific needs as those needs arise. We believe this is vital in a business world where the use of social collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom are rapidly overshadowing email use.

Why a Managed Service Approach is the Right Approach Today

The rapid rise of social collaboration tools – both within and beyond the enterprise – has triggered a spike in both the volume and the complexity of business communications data. This rise also significantly raises the stakes for effective compliance operations.

In part this owes to the need to analyze electronic communications data at both the micro and at the macro levels. Not only does that require legal and compliance teams to assess risk at the object (e.g., attachments and emoji) level, but at the thread level as well.

Moreover, conversation threads now can traverse multiple communications tools and platforms, in addition to multiple contexts within a single tool. How often has a Teams chat led to an impromptu conference call session which in turn led to an email notification to a broader set of stakeholders?

Finally, today’s great reliance on social collaboration tools means that organizations increasingly need to retool their compliance solutions to work with late-breaking software updates and new feature developments. This rapidly changing business dynamic puts unprecedented burdens on legal, compliance, and IT leaders, who struggle to maintain the higher levels of due diligence required by regulatory authorities to the point of distracting from core innovation and competitive differentiation.

Incorporating Digital Safe Managed Services into your compliance archiving and supervision solution allows you to focus your internal resources on core operations. Our Managed Services portfolio is designed to simplify the process for delegating specialized compliance work to our team of domain and technology subject matter experts.

The Digital Safe team delivers experience gained from over 2,000 projects successfully reconciled, audited, and reviewed by our clients, their advisors, and regulatory authorities. We think that working with us is a winning formula for improving compliance effectiveness even as you streamline your operations.

We’d Love to Talk With You

How can your compliance archiving solution benefit from the injection of Digital Safe expertise?

We believe there are as many answers to this question as there are organizations seeking to thrive in highly-regulated industries.

Further, we believe many of the answers will result from candid discussions between your compliance professionals and our Managed Services Team.

For more information about what we’re launching, visit our Digital Safe Managed Services web page. Or contact us directly at


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