IDOL 12.7 Release Highlights

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idolUpdatesHeader.jpgWhen you search for something on the web, there is a ubiquitous feature that hardly anyone ever notices. However, if it wasn’t there you would absolutely take notice. The prompts for suggested search terms as you type have been around for several years in web search, so long in fact that if you had to type the whole search query out, it would be a point of annoyance. These prompts are possible because the search engine is basing the prompts on billions of daily searches. Things aren’t as simple when it comes to enterprise search. The volume of search queries just isn’t there to facilitate type ahead prompts in that way. With the 12.7 Release of Micro Focus IDOL Multi-word type ahead is now available for IDOL Enterprise Search. Check out the new Multi-word type video below to see how it works.

Multi-word type ahead is just one of the many new features and improvements available with the IDOL 12.7 release publically available as of November 1st. Below, you will find a few highlights of the release.

Release highlights:

Expanded PII grammars

IDOL has an expansive library of entity grammars that come out of the box to help automatically identify specific identifiable information. IDOL 12.7 includes complete sets of entities for both South Africa and Taiwan and several other new grammars including device identification to meet CCPA requirements, as seen in our Personally Identifiable Information Entity Updates video:

Advertisement Classification

In broadcast media monitoring, advertisements can skew the view of topic trends that appear in the analytics. IDOL will now have the ability to classify and filter for advertisements to improve the accuracy of the analytics. The opposite is true for those looking to monitor advertisements for competitive analysis.

Document Fingerprinting

With the amount of information being produced in an organization, it can be nearly impossible to ensure that sensitive information remains secure. IDOL’s document fingerprinting aims to bring compliance with a little more control. For given passages, a unique identifier is attached. If those passages appear in other files or other formats, the administrator can be notified. You can see more in our document fingerprinting video below:

These are just a few of the updates offered with IDOL 12.7, if you would like to get a full view of the release, visit the IDOL documentation page


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