IDOL Law Enforcement Media Analytics

by in Information Management & Governance

 This week I have just seen the first guise of a new IDOL solution that we are bringing to the market. The solution is for Law Enforcement Media analyses and is aptly named LEMA. This is the first of many focused solutions that we will be launching, all based on IDOL's unmatched ability to analyze unstructured data. These solutions will form a suite of offerings, providing Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies the ability to understand and interpret all their unstructured data by providing domain focused analytics, workflow, and security in dedicated modules for imagery intelligence (IMINT), open-source intelligence (OSINT), human intelligence (HUMINT) and signals intelligence (COMINT). These types of intelligence can gather vast amounts of text, audio, video, and image data that needs to be processed.  This is where IDOL can help.

We are focusing on our core expertise of Artificial Intelligence for human data, providing this in a way that augments the intelligence officer’s workflow. We firmly believe in this domain that the human is the irreplaceable expert, sitting at the top of the decision pyramid. Our task is wherever possible to filter the mass of available data into actionable information for them to review and take action on. Thus allowing decisions to be made sooner or even connections to be exposed that potentially could have been missed due to the volume of information at hand.

LEMA will provide amongst other things, management of tasking requests, automation of ingest and analysis process, analysts review workbench, and report generation. Analytics available will be available to identify POLE entities such as persons including face and clothing recognition, vehicles with a license plate, make and model recognition as well as other types of object recognition, pre-defined and user trainable. We also understand that as good as the IDOL platform is, it doesn’t cover everything, and as such LEMA is designed to work seamlessly with 3rd party analytics and recognition systems as required.

For many years the IDOL platform has been used by many of the world's major Law enforcement and intelligence agencies, to process unstructured data such as text, audio, video, and image. With these new solutions, we hope to serve this community for many years to come.


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