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Micro Focus and Jaguar Racing – different track, same race

Many organizations globally are going through transformative change. The economy, the global pandemic, the inexorable digitization of commerce and consumption are factors catalysing upheaval in many industries. One’s mind is immediately drawn to financial services, or retail, or manufacturing for an illustration. The recent agreement between Micro Focus and Jaguar Racing – our new technical partnership – provides an exciting perspective on the topic of digital transformation.

As the press release mentions, with “their specialist software knowledge” Jaguar Racing welcomes Micro Focus as its Official Digital Transformation, Business Resiliency and Analytics partner.


Where data becomes strategic insight

As official analytics partner, Micro Focus is well placed to provide world-class capabilities for a world-class client. Micro Focus IDOL provides intelligent answers to any question, regarding any type of data. IDOL’s class leading enterprise intelligence capability supports video, audio and image analytics technology, making it the perfect tool for a range of use cases, from monitoring traffic flow, CCTV insights, voice analysis, and government intelligence.​

In Formula E, the rules dictate that all teams use a common battery and chassis for cost-saving – they conform to a standard blueprint. Unlike other motorsport events, the power source is a battery not a combustion engine. Teams like Jaguar Racing focus their efforts on the powertrain of the race car and there is a software race to drive efficiency and energy management.

In fact, Formula E is the only sport that is net carbon zero since inception.

With a level playing field, the variables that shape outcomes are smaller, the margins narrower. What makes you a winner is how well you use the information you have to plan and execute the race. Managing data, therefore, is everything. But in real time. As Jaguar themselves have said, the task of managing a race is like playing chess at 200kph.​

IDOL joins the Jaguar Racing Crew

IDOL’s potential usefulness is apparent as soon as you consider the finer points of Formula E racing, in terms of what data might be valuable in giving them the edge. Gaining insight in real time means examining all useful data – from the car, the driver, and the surrounding race environment.

Camera feeds, audio tracks, transmitted diagnostics, visual data, audio data, and all points in between are constantly being collected (learn more here). ​IDOL’s ability to consume all these forms of data is one of its key strengths.


IDOL’s ability to find, consume, analyze data in real-time and provide actionable insights will offer a variety of new options for Jaguar Racing as they look to improve the scope and immediacy of the information to support their race-day decision making. Areas such as car diagnostics, tire wear, even the car’s position on the track are hugely important details that can help determine and improve performance. IDOL can provide the means to consume and assess them all with greater timeliness, accuracy and intelligence. Again, IDOL’s core capabilities of AI-based advanced analytics make it an ideal member of the race team.



Insight Empowered at 200 kilometers an hour

The partnership has only just begun, and Micro Focus can make no claim to be involved in the recent success for Jaguar Racing at the recent Diriyah E-Prix in the ABB Formula E World Championship (although we cheered the fantastic result!).

James Barclay, Team Director of Jaguar Racing, explained the importance of innovative, real-time insight at the recent Micro Focus Universe event.

“In Formula E – data is literally everything. Insight to how our car is performing on track at any time, whether it be in qualifying or in the race, is critical. And that information, that allows us to make the best decisions possible, is sometimes the difference between winning and losing. That’s why our partnership with Micro Focus, and specifically IDOL, is really key to our future success on track”.


Micro Focus IDOL and you

While not all of our customers are motor sports racing teams, every single customer possesses a bewildering amount of data, and has an opportunity to better leverage that data to gain key strategic insights. Whether in real time or not, Micro Focus’ decades of experience in information management and analytics means we are at the centre of innovative solutions for many clients in many industries.

Look out for news on the forthcoming Micro Focus IDOL product updates soon. Learn more here about the Micro Focus and Jaguar Racing technical partnership.



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