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Introducing: IDOL 12.12

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

In suit with its tri-annual release cycle, IDOL 12.12 has been released. It includes new features and numerous bug fixes. Here are the new features you can explore in IDOL:

Ingest Connectors

New customer-driven connectors:

  • OpenText ECM connector
  • Microsoft Streams connector
  • Zoom chat
  • NiFi connector SDK for 3rd party integrations
  • Kafka integration for better cloud connectivity

Updated connectors:

  • Compliance features added to Slack
  • Salesforce has been updated to use the new API
  • Content Manager has been updated to use the new API

Ingest Features

Gatekeeper for dynamic file analytics:

  • Interception of file transactions to SharePoint, enabling dynamic file analysis and decisions to remain in regulatory compliance.

Ingest flow parameter from Find:

  • Added ability to pass parameter to an Ingest flow, allowing dynamic destination selection.

AWS translation:

  • Integration with AWS APIs to provide machine-level translation at ingest.

Text Analytics


  • Increased Banking, IBAN, and SWIFT WW coverage.


  • New auto-categorization that allows tagging of ingested files with unsupervised cluster analysis for basic file analysis use cases.
  • New time and event fact extraction to support government solutions Investigative Analytics.


  • AWS BYOL is now live on the AWS marketplace.
  • IRON bank containers tested and published on Government GIT repository for easier DOD/Intel community adoption.
  • 0 for future FIPS compliance option.

Rich Media Analytics

Video summarization:

  • Compression of events in the temporal axis for a faster human review of content.

New Person analysis module:

  • Detect people in video and image files
  • Added classifiers: gender, upper and lower clothing type/color, and the presence and type of a bag in media.

Support for CUDA 11:

  • Validate existing modules against CUDA 11 libraries to support the latest GPUs.

LEMA support:

  • Object classification including color analysis and fingerprint generation for tagging videos.
  • Perspective location data that allow for the use of world coordinates.

OCR improvements:

  • Improved speed with “noisy” images.


Format support:

  • XLSX: support for Excel format updates to allow for the full extraction of available data.


  • Embedded font metrics for improved rendering fidelity on Linux.


  • Core component security audit and resulting resolution.

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