Micro Focus Content Manager 9.4 – What’s New?

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Micro Focus has released the latest version of Content Manager, its governance based enterprise content management system, version 9.4. Content Manager is designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organizations manage their business content from creation to disposal. This latest release includes a number of enhancements and updates to the longstanding and veteran enterprise content management solution.

Micro Focus Content Manager 9.4 .pngContent Manager helps you address areas of cost, compliance, productivity, information privacy and security by focusing on areas of automatic classification and policy application – with linked security control, manage-in-place functionality, and feature rich mobile access,.

In CM 9.4, there are over 150 enhancements and new features which largely correspond to the following four core values; Lifecycle Management, Total Cost of Ownership, UX & Functional Enhancements. Below are just a few of the additions that are now included in Content Manager V9.4;

  • Event Based Archiving - This new trigger method for retention schedules is based on real-world events and can be invoked automatically or manually based on the event occurrence.
  • Web Client Updates - Multiple updates include document review & authorization, viewing renditions, creation of multiple records via drag and drop, viewing Office documents via Office online, custom logo support and more.
  • New Dashboard and explorer– The new dashboard allows users to access work items lists with a breakdown of the number of items that are within the set time periods. A new interface within Content Manager allows hierarchical view of group of records for item types in a single explorer styled window.
  • Metadata Capture – You can define the settings to determine how the document metadata is extracted from the electronic documents being checked in to Content Manager.
  • Microsoft Office Integration – Several new options have been included to enhance the existing integration with Office such as new default file storage and the ability to now opt to create revisions for non-mail Outlook items, such as Notes.
  • Recycle Bin - This allows end users to send record/s created in error to a bin which can be deleted/restored pending a review from admin.

Content Manager is the cornerstone of the Micro Focus Secure Content Management Suite that provides customers the capability to lower operating costs, secure information, enhance compliance and increase productivity. Through innovation and interoperability Content Manager is transforming how business manages content across the lifecycle, helping to maintain control over this valuable asset throughout the process of creation, collaboration and mobile access.

Developed with more than 30 years of information management expertise, Content Manager 9.4 is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box software solution and a key component of Micro Focus’ Information, Management and Governance portfolio.

Content Manager 9.4 is designed to the International Standard of Records Management (ISO 15489:2001), and elements of ISO 16175: Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments.

Click here for more information on Content Manager and the Content Manager User Community.


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  • Thank you!

    My favourite changes:

    1.  Workflow enhancements! At last.  May there be many more.
    2.  File Request time field is being initialized to now() instead of rounding off to the nearest 30mins.  This is how it was implemented in HPTRIM and how our existing customers expect it to work
    3.  Web Client now supports manual record numbering