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Micro Focus Universe 2022 – IM&G

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 Put on your best collared shirt and pajama bottoms, Micro Focus’s biggest annual event, Universe, is right around the corner. This year, we have TONS of information-packed sessions to help give you some ideas on how you can mitigate risk, meet compliance standards, and provide AI-driven data analytics within unstructured data analytics, content management, data protection, unified endpoint management, and collaboration.

And the best part? It’s FREE!

The countdown is on. As of writing, we have t-minus 26 days, 20 hours, 31 minutes, and 19 seconds until we kick of this year’s Universe.

Universe 2022 is anything but short on practical information to improve your data management strategies. Join us as we explore a universe of solutions available for your enterprise at our premier customer and partner event.

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For a description of each session, go here.

*A note for navigating Universe sessions: Some of the sessions below are not part of the main Universe track and will be found in the Explore Zone. These can be viewed at your leisure throughout your experience at Universe. They will be posted one week before Universe under the Explore Zone section. (Keep a mental note for now). We also have Live Studio sessions that can be viewed in the agenda builder.  

Here’s what to expect from IM&G at Universe this year:

Information Management and Governance Cross Solutions

  • Information Management and Governance Track Keynote
  • Professional Services Engagement Session
  • Software License and Download Portal and Support Session
  • How to Engage with Us to Deliver a Successful Proof of Concept
  • Ask the Experts – Information Management and Governance Closing Keynote

Data Analytics

  • Use AI Analytics & Insight, Break In Unstructured Data Siloes & Identify Hidden Compliance Risk
  • SmartCity AI Identifies threats & Extracts POLE Data from Rich Media Sources for Law Enforcement
  • Deploy AI, Machine Learning, Digital Forensics & Data Insights using SDKs within your software
  • Get AI Real-time Risk Mitigation Intelligence From Image, Audio, and Video Content
  • Easily Extract Text, Auto Classify Metadata & Protect PII from Over 1,000 File Formats
  • IDOL Roadmap
  • IDOL InSight (5 Demo Videos)

Data Protection

  • Secure Data Backup and Protection in a Microsoft 365 World
  • Data Protector Roadmap
  • Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Data Protector 11
  • Hybrid Data Protection at scale for Virtual, Cloud, Container, and On-premise
  • Microsoft 365 Online Suite
  • Data Backup Security and RBAC
  • DP Premium Licensing
  • Data Protector Deduplication - tuning and implementation
  • Hypervisor Enhancements
  • Understanding the new DP support lifecycle and common license questions
  • Mission-critical application enhancements - PostgreSQL and SAP HANA
  • Data Protector reporting server reporting
  • Disaster Recovery and EADR
  • Ransomware protection with DP
  • DP lessons learned in the field - tips and tricks

Content Management

  • Protect and Preserve Your Most Critical IP and Content While Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
  • Use In-Place Management of Cloud Platforms & Enabling Enterprise-Class Retention & Preservation
  • Content Management Roadmap

Unified Endpoint Management

  • Reduce Complexity: Unify Your Endpoint Management and Securely Backup User Data
  • Leverage Application Streaming and Device Management to Support the Remote Worker
  • Unified Endpoint Management Roadmap
  • Implementing Application Streaming as a Lower Cost Alternative to VDI – How Micro Focus Desktop Container Application Streaming & Packaging can work in tandem or replace your current VDI Solution
  • Protect ZENworks using Multi Factor Authentication – Secure access to ZENworks Control Center using Advanced Authentication
  • ZENworks Reporting – Get business insights about your endpoint estate with an easy to use reporting solution
  • Using a Windows or Linux Server for ZENworks? - Make a switch to ZENworks Virtual Appliance today!
  • Implement a Self-Service Store with ZENworks Service Desk – Why use ZSD Store and the Benefits?
  • Malware Attacks – Protecting Windows Endpoint Devices with ZENworks
  • Modern Management – Manage your Windows devices with ZENworks using Modern Management paradigm
  • Application access anywhere with Application Streaming – How Micro Focus Desktop Container Application Streaming & Packaging can provide access from everywhere securely and controlled in the digital workspace.
  • ZENworks Security - Best Practices for Hardening Your ZENworks Environment


  • How Does Enterprise Messaging Measure Up to Microsoft 365 and G Suite? An Analyst Perspective
  • Collaboration Management Road Map
  • OES Troubleshooting Session - to be swapped to iPrint Introduction
  • Sneak Peek: The new Unified Management Console for OES
  • Filr Best Practices / Practical Session
  • Filr Troubleshooting Session
  • GW Best Practices Session
  • GW Troubleshooting Session

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Universe is March 22 and 23, 2022.


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