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As many visitors to our community site would agree, the global information management (infogov) community faces continued regulatory change and an ever-increasing, diverse mountain of data requiring management. Added to which, there is the small matter of a global pandemic and consequent economic downturn.

Unfortunately, Information Management and Governance does not have the option to go on hold while we recover from the negative economic impact of the past year (the IMF World Economic Outlook of October 2020 reports an economic contraction of over 4 percent in 2020). “Infogov” must continue to function, regardless of being mid-transition to a remote or hybrid working model, regardless of the upheaval facing the organization and its industry. Such seismic changes are so prevalent as to feel mundane, yet we must collectively tackle them for an effective enterprise content management function to continue.  

Insight Empowered

Micro Focus’ perspective is that data is a strategic business commodity, and organizations should be able to treat it accordingly. Without strategic focus, there are clear downstream impacts – studies reveal that 82 percent of employees say productivity suffers because of poor information management.

The Derek_Britton_1-1615190872816.pngMicro Focus IM&G portfolio tackles the comprehensive data lifecycle requirements of today’s organization, from input and ingestion through discovery, categorization, management, protection, and reporting, archiving and advanced analytics. Our mantra, “Insight Empowered”, is about smart teams deriving smarter insights from their data.


Our new look gets an eBook

This new Micro Focus IM&G mantra is now available in a fresh and vibrant asset, the Micro Focus Insight Empowered eBook, available now.


Featuring the current economic situation, market challenges and key statistics, the ebook outlines the Micro Focus IM&G vision and our uniquely comprehensive range of solutions in a single, clear, readable format. As the ebook mentions, “Micro Focus combines proven solutions for data analysis, management, archiving and protection, while ensuring your workforce can access and collaborate on whatever they need to wherever they are.”

Ready to know your data, empower your people, and drive your future? Feel free to download and share our guide.

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