New Security Policies Highlight Release of File Dynamics 6.5

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Micro Focus has just released version 6.5 of its network file system management product – File Dynamics with significant advancements designed to secure sensitive files from unauthorized access. Analysts firms such as Gartner have been sounding the alarm of the risks organizations face in storing sensitive data in less-secured locations on the network. File Dynamics 6.5 addresses these risks through three new policy types.

  • Security Notification Policies: Enable network administrators and data owners to be notified of any changes in access permissions to network folders storing sensitive data – or what Micro Focus terms “high-value targets.”
  • Security Lockdown Policies: Allow network administrators to establish baseline permissions for a high-value target. When unauthorized access permissions are made, the new permissions are removed and the appropriate permissions are restored.
  • Security Fencing Policies: Lets administrators set governing limits on how access permissions may evolve over time. These limits may set restrictions involving areas of the organization or classes of objects that may gain access in the future. .

New Security Policies Highlight Release of File Dynamics 6.5 sq.jpgFile Dynamics, when combined with Micro Focus File Reporter and Micro Focus Identity Governance comprise a leading solution in the emerging Data Access Governance market  (DAG) The objective of Data Access Governance is to:

  1. Identify security vulnerabilities in unstructured data through extensive reporting and analysis with File Reporter.
  2. Have the means of monitoring high-value targets in your data and automatically remediating these data security vulnerabilities through policies with File Dynamics.
  3. Be able to perform periodic access reviews and then demonstrate data access compliance to security regulations and policies with File Reporter/Identity Governance.

A distinguishing feature of File Dynamics is the apportionment of management capabilities to “data owners” – individuals within the line-of-business that may act as stewards of their own data by being assigned to perform management tasks based on their familiarity of the data. Data owners can be notified of and view a historical record of access permission changes, perform data recovery, disable and enable a policy, or perform remediation of data located on high-value targets.

For more than 16 years, the technology in what today is known as File Dynamics has been the means of addressing data management, growth, governance, compliance, security, and protection through identity- and target-based policies with an extensive array of product features. Check out all the details on all of the capabilities of Micro Focus File Dynamics


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