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Normality: Redefined and Reclaimed

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

What a unique year we have had. As a one-word summary, we could all offer a few suggestions, but I would go with challenging.  Hardly anyone has ended the year without having embarked on some journey of tremendous change and – in many cases – difficulty. The pandemic is, of course, at the heart of this. For many organizations too, 2020 has been a year of change and a year of overcoming unprecedented challenges.

Look: Digital Disruption just got disrupted

While some individual organizations have benefitted from what has happened, markets have undergone a tremendous upheaval this year. Global economic performance has contracted significantly: Global growth projections are for minus 4.4 percent in 2020, according to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook of October 2020.

What we have seen in many sectors are seismic changes of many business-as-usual activities – how to engage customers, how payments need to be taken, how to manage the supply chain. For many, business operations have turned upside down. The necessity to transform has become critical overnight.

In a recent study, 75% of executives viewed digital transformation as urgent in light of COVID-19[1]. Indeed a recent Forbes magazine agreed, asserting that 2020 is likely to be the year where we witness what they called a “genuine acceleration of Digital Transformation[2]”.

Taking it personally

Reinforcing that major shift is the impact on incumbent workers in many industries. There has been widespread impact on working patterns, especially in many parts of the service sector. As outlined in the article "The Empowered Employee", the daily routine of many office workers has changed significantly this year, impacting how they do their day jobs.

Here is a selected set of results from recent studies[3], some global some more regional, but some critical statistics –

  1. 93% of employees would like to keep working remotely at least some of the time
  2. 61% using personal devices as their primary method to access company networks
  3. 84% lose access to key business applications at least once a week



What is this telling us? For me it is saying that remote working is the long-term norm, not the exception. A reality needs supporting, but is a genuine challenge, with access and reliability issues hampering efficiency. In the new normal, day-to-day access, security, UX, reliability and all manner of other questions arise.

The remote worker challenge is real, and has real cost and efficiency implications.

Drowning in Data

Outside of recent events creating a major change in our approach to technology, there are difficulties from the continued digitization of humanity.

The volume (and velocity) of data continues to astonish us in its inexorable rise. Analysts IDC recently reported in their Data Age 2025[4] report the projection of the global datasphere to be in the region of 175 Zettabytes.


It is not just the amount of data, it is the variety and variability and location of that data, which as we all know is diversifying. Smart analysis of data to make informed decisions is not looking at spreadsheets, or data base table joins, or even index sequential customer records; it is scanning images, looking for PII, surfing social media feeds, listening to voicemails, to capture the right type of information with which to make the right decisions.


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This is a major operational effort for many organizations, which again needs – in many cases – re-examining. A robust data management plan from just a few years ago is likely to have horribly underestimated the resourcing, diversity, storage and computing requirements for just a few years ahead. The scale changes the required solution.

Insight Empowered – Normality Reclaimed

The wide and varied discussions we have with clients cover a complex array of topics. But what always boils down are the two key ingredients they want to improve upon, it always comes back to two things: the data, and the people that need that data.

Micro Focus knows data - we archive, backup, manage, protect, and analyse over 300 petabytes of data for our customers. Moreover, we provide a range of technology to help and empower employees to do their jobs efficiently, wherever they. Which at Micro Focus is why we term our IM&G solution as “Insight Empowered”, or said another way…

Know your data, empower your people, drive your future.


We manage and have a solution for email, files, structured data, unstructured data, social media, laptop storage, endpoint management, security, and backup for just about every type of data you can imagine. Our focus is making the lives of the people that use and access that data easier through smart technology.

Remote Working

Enabling remote users to access their data and applications, securely, when and where they need it, is more important than ever. Read more here.

Content Management

Managing content and records to support privacy, regulatory and organizational requirements. Take a look at our new high performance, user friendly Content Manager Select offering.

Digital Archiving

…. of course data awareness and management needs to remain active even when Archiving. Our Compliance Archiving solutions manage hundreds of petabytes for clients globally. Learn more. And, why not read the CIO.com article?

Data Protection

What happens if something goes wrong and live data is lost? You need that protection. Our focus on today’s backup and restore use cases, supporting and leveraging cloud and virtualized environments to support critical apps and data make Data Protector the safe pair of hands you need for critical backup capabilities. Learn more.



Figure 1- Data Protector






The logical conclusion of managing your data life cycle effectively is to make that data a strategic value enabler.

Making sense and making effective decisions based on complex data is what Micro Focus does brilliantly. Micro Focus IDOL is where AI transforms data into strategic insight. Scouring data sources across social media, video, sound, structured and unstructured, IDOL gives you any answer to any question from any data.

Next Steps

Two of your most critical organizational assets are your people, and the data they look after. It is time to retake control. Learn about our renewed focus on customer-centric technology – Insight Empowered.


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