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Platform Improvements Place Micro Focus as a ‘Leader’ in the Latest Omdia Universe

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

In its latest Omdia Universe, a report published annually by the analysts at Omdia, leading content services platforms are critiqued and rated on their relative positions in the market. The report explores the content services landscape, highlighting areas in which organizations should be cognizant of and strive to implement in their approach as best practices. This can be a very useful report for any decision-makers within an organization to draw up a short list of products to consider in their overall information management approach.

This year’s report has Micro Focus pretty excited as it has improved its position in the rating. In the previous report, Micro Focus was classified as a ‘Challenger’ in the space. While this position is not bad by any means, there was room for improvement. This year Omdia recognized Micro Focus as a ‘Leader’ in the space.

Micro Focus is proud of the fact it is always refining and improving its products. Many of the improvements come directly from customers and the people using the products every day, making Micro Focus products as customer-centric as they come. With a laser focus on customer satisfaction and performance, it’s no wonder the content services capabilities within the Micro Focus line of products have risen to be among the best in the world.


Micro Focus IDOL is an unstructured data analytics platform that provides valuable insights from an organization’s data. It provides real-time, comprehensive information about the data an organization collects in order to make strategic decisions. With the power to answer any question, IDOL turns aby data from anywhere into clear and instant insight using innovative artificial intelligence analytics technology.

IDOL can be used for dozens of use cases and is an extremely efficient tool for content management. The analytics capabilities within IDOL provide insights into how an organization’s content is being used at the record, document, or object level. Content can be categorized according to the risk level or company- or industry-specific privacy requirements and can be classified for quick retrieval based on the type of content, i.e., customer, conversation, project, or topic.

Further, IDOL boasts expansive machine learning capabilities, allowing for concept identification within content such as keyword search, phrase search, conceptual search, natural language recognition, and example documents.

The list of IDOL capabilities doesn’t end here, but the room on this page does. For more information on how IDOL manages content, check out our site.

Content Manager

Data is an organization’s baby. And just as you’d take care of your physical baby from birth onward, an organization should strive to do the same.

A governance-based enterprise content management system should enable you to provide the right content to the right people, at the right time, from any device anywhere. Simultaneous management of and access to corporate data is pivotal for collaboration and overall business functioning.

Micro Focus Content Manager is an enterprise content management system with a flexible design that enables government, regulated industries, and global enterprises to meet and respond to privacy, regulatory, and business requirements.

Content Manager helps to manage the entire lifecycle of your content through creation, management, retention, archiving, deletion, and legal holds. With a tool like Content Manager, organizations can not only effectively manage all their data but can glean strategic insight from the data they own and have created to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

To learn more about Content Manager, check out our site.


Whether you’re looking for a content management service or looking to improve your current information management strategy, Micro Focus has you covered. With a range of products to cover the entire gamut of information management and governance, discover why Micro Focus is considered a ‘Leader” by Omdia and should be on your shortlist when considering options.

Check out the full report here.

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