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Reducing backup cost and complexity with Micro Focus Data Protector

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In our previous article, we talked about how data volumes keep growing, with more applications, bigger files and 24/7 environment requiring to be backup and therefore, backup strategy requires a new and flexible approach.

Failure isn’t an option in this new normal era of connectivity and work-from-home. Accessing data from any place at any time, increases pressure on an already narrowing backup window, which cost time and money. Recovery objectives for critical application such as Oracle or SAP are more demanding, and many organizations are struggling to meet increasingly stringent service level agreements.

workplace-1245776_640.jpgEven as data backup pressures grow, you can save money and increase ROI in different ways when choosing the right backup solution for your enterprise environment. This selection may include the way you could reduce the need for resources, time spent on backup and recovery management or processes to centralize and automate backup management that could free up your IT team.

To avoid using multiple backup tools for remote or branch offices, physical or virtual server, onprem or cloud environments, customers should make sure that their backup software can protect whatever kind of environments they have, or may have in a future, from a centralized console so that IT staff don’t have to learn and manage multiple products.

Organizations can’t protect their data effectively with the wrong tools, and the right tools have to fit within IT’s budget. Customers need to choose an enterprise backup software that delivers the enterprise functionality they need, and stands up to all the cost constraints that IT managers face today and will face tomorrow.




Let´s take a look about how Data Protector could become customers´ enterprise backup solution and its related benefits...

Saving on cost is important, but so is liberating IT from time and headaches spent managing data backups. Data Protector targets data reduction by using hardware and software deduplication to optimize storage capacity quickly. Centralized, web-based management for the different data center environments saves admins from dealing with multiple consoles and learning new tools. At the same time, improving backup success rates saves time that was previously spent troubleshooting. Data Protector’s simple setup and management take the burden off IT, even in complex environments.

On the other side, backing up data shouldn’t use up the whole IT budget. Data Protector Software offers a simple, flexible licensing structure that reduces up front acquisition costs – savings that carry forward into annual renewals.

Data Protector with its enterprise capabilities, its new advanced reporting tools, and new licensing schema, allows IT staff to respond rapidly to growing and changing environments.

Backup and recovery costs can be effectively managed without cutting features or services. Data Protector Software can meet any SLA with up to 50% reduction in storage capacity or 18% improvement in Recovery Time Objectives commitments. Download this brochure  and learn how you can liberate yourself from the cost and complexity of backup.

So why to pay more? Data Protector provide you all in one! One single backup solution for your most exigent environments, no matter if it´s on-prem, cloud, physical or virtual. With Micro Focus Data Protector you could become free from your backup challenges, go ahead. We’ll back you up!


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