Simplify 3-way NDMP Operations with HPE StoreOnce and Micro Focus Data Protector

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Guest post by Gautam Bhasin
Product Manager, ITOM

Micro Focus has introduced many enhancements which is making Data Protector backup and recovery software easier to deploy and manage. One of these features is out-of-the-box support for HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank.  Another enhancement is a one-step upgrade for customers currently on Data Protector 8.x, 9.x or 10.x.

In this article, we will review another key Data Protector capability, the support for NetApp and Dell EMC Isilon NDMP 3-Way backup to HPE StoreOnce Catalyst and to Data Protector File Libraries.  Watch this short video with a demo of this feature.  This 3-way support, also known as remote NDMP, removes the requirement to have an NDMP backup target attached directly to the NetApp / EMC Isilon filer. It also allows for the centralizing of StoreOnce Catalyst backup via common media server(s) with deduplication enabled for all workloads. Note: File Library support is also available for customers without a StoreOnce backup appliance.

Data Protector 3-way NDMP simplifies NDMP backup configuration and management by eliminating the need to attach, configure and manage backup targets on each filer. This occurs due to the backup data transfer being managed by the Data Protector NDMP media agent instead of the respective filer itself. This 3-way NDMP support for StoreOnce Catalyst also removes the requirement for StoreOnce VTL targets.

What is NDMP?
NDMP, or Network Data Management Protocol, is a protocol used to transport backup data between network attached storage (NAS) appliances and backup devices. NDMP uses a client server model where the backup software initiates the backup process while the NAS appliance performs the actual backup operations.

The NDMP protocol supports two data protection mechanisms: 2-way – and 3-way. In a 2-way NDMP configuration, the NAS filer is connected directly to a backup device such as a tape library and the backup software instructs the filer to perform a backup. The filer itself manages the data transfer directly to the backup medium.


In a 3-way NDMP configuration, all backup data is sent from the NAS filer to the backup software media agent over the network. The media agent then sends the backup data to the appropriate backup device.NEW ITOM BLOG.png

Data Protector has traditionally provided support for 2-way NDMP configurations for NAS appliances from several vendors including NetApp, EMC, HPE, Hitachi and Oracle. With recent Data Protector releases, NDMP support has been extended to provide 3-way support for NetApp and EMC Isilon filers with StoreOnce Catalyst and File Library targets.

The configuration for 3-way NDMP backup to HPE StoreOnce is shown for NetApp filers.  The same can be leveraged for EMC Isilon.

How does Micro Focus Data Protector Work with NetApp 3-Way NDMP to HPE StoreOnce?
Data Protector integrates with NDMP through the Data Protector NDMP library and the NDMP Media Agent. The Data Protector NDMP library channels communication between the Data Protector Session Manager, and, through the NDMP interfaces, the NDMP appliance.

Here are the steps to configure the Data Protector NetApp 3-way NDMP server integration with a StoreOnce Catalyst target:

  1. Import the NetApp appliance into the Data Protector cell as an NDMP Server.itom blog 2.png
  2. Deploy the NDMP Media Agent to the appropriate media server(s).
  3. Create a StoreOnce Catalyst NDMP target device.
    • Device Type = Backup to Disk
    • Interface Type = StoreOnce Backup System (NDMP)itom blog 3.png
  4. Create a filesystem backup specification for the NetApp appliance.
    • Backup Type = Data Mover Backup
    • Sub Type = NDMP – NetApp
      itom blog 4.png


To learn more about Data Protector’s support for NetApp 3-way NDMP, watch this short video. For more about Data Protector, go to


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