Two Converging IM&G Views: A Comparison of an IDC InfoBrief and a Micro Focus eBook

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 Hot off the screen, the new InfoBrief by IDC makes the compelling case for organizational information management and governance (IM&G) plans. A closer look suggests the insight expressed in the InfoBrief and in a single Micro Focus eBook, “Insight Empowered,” are convergent.

In a point-by-point comparison of major points, the two documents come across almost like a discussion. “Turning Data into Action” effectively affirms the Micro Focus approach as a set of best practices every business should consider in formulating their IM&G strategies. (Hint: Not to brag, but it turns out Micro Focus has some valid, research-backed points.)

Here’s a look at the parallels between the IDC findings and the Micro Focus solutions:

A New World of Work

Remote work helps keep the lights on and research says it’s here to stay, but it presents its own challenges.

IDC Says…

“Exceptions are now the rule. Ultimately, an organization must enable its users to access and act on the data they need from anywhere, with any device, in real time.”

We Say…

“The Micro Focus Information Management & Governance (IM&G) portfolio provides a broad range of solutions so you’re in control of your data, your people are empowered, and you can drive the future you want.”

The recent pandemic has all but upended traditional business practice, accelerating the world to a new way of working. The work still needs to get done, just differently. Micro Focus makes it possible to get that work done from anywhere.

Different Data These Days

The world is seeing an exponential growth in data. In order to keep up, we must learn to understand that data so we can use it to make decisions for strategic benefit.

IDC Says…

“As technology has matured, so has data itself. Although data processing remains an IT role, it now includes accounting for, analyzing, and optimizing data from every source — sentiment, voice, image — for utility and insight.”

We Say…

“Your data and people are your most important assets, so leverage them to adapt to change. To do this you need comprehensive technology that’s secure, flexible, and fast.”

75% of executives view digital transformation as urgent and Micro Focus believes there are two key factors when balancing transformation to the new digital economy and running the business. 1 – data should be actionable and manageable. 2 – your people should be productive and empowered.

Effective IM&G Considers Data AND People

IM&G solutions that work involve two factors. 1 – Utilization of data to make strategic decisions and 2 – proper data access for the empowerment of employees.

IDC Says…

“The key is understanding the relationship between data and those who need it, where they deploy it, and how they use that information to best effect.”

We Say…

“Both empowering your people and managing your data to find new insights are critical for participation in the digital economy.”

Neither factor can be effective without the other. A successful IM&G plan joins the two together in a symbiotic data relationship. Our approach to IM&G focuses on your employees with the intention to enable them to be effective data managers, analysts, and strategists.

The IM&G Machine

The overall IM&G strategy should be like a working machine. It has many moving pieces, each vital to the success of the next.

IDC Says…

“Efficiency means that insights, decision support, planning, and operational effectiveness happen using a unified approach. An all-to-all strategy encompasses a centralized approach to data, including operational objectives, regulation and compliance, and strategic data presentation for use by employees and customers.”

We Say…

“The Micro Focus Information Management & Governance (IM&G) portfolio provides a broad range of solutions so you’re in control of your data, your people are empowered, and you can drive the future you want. Or as we like to say— we bring you Insight Empowered.”

We must start thinking of IM&G as an integrated, holistic approach that brings order, control, and compliance to all data, whether at rest or in flight. Operational decisions require data to become information, and information to become insight. Making any sort of business decision without insightful data to back it is like airing a weather forecast based on that feeling in your elbow.

Converging Lenses

Much like how an effective IM&G strategy can clarify and magnify strategic insight for business leaders, these two documents, “Turning Data into Action” and “Insight Empowered,” act as two converging lenses, merging two rays of ideas into one real image – information management and governance. In other words, the IDC InfoBrief confirms the Micro Focus approach is the correct approach.

Both are available to download and read to help in developing or maintaining your own IM&G strategy:

Insight Empowered

Turning Data into Action

Visit the IM&G site for a complete list of solutions.


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