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Build Your Own Self Service Portal in Micro Focus Service Desk 7.3

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We’ve all experienced the following scenarios: Your mouse or computer breaks, making it impossible to work. You need a new application, but can’t download it. Or a software license expires, leaving you unable to access your critical files. What do you when these issues arise? You submit a ticket request…and then the waiting begins.

Using traditional email or paper-based ticket systems, it can take several days or weeks to fulfill orders from IT — especially when one or more approvals are needed from management.

Micro Focus Service Desk is a program that streamlines the asset procurement process for users. It’s a one-stop-shop where users, IT and managers can work together to process requests, communicate and sign off on items. Service Desk makes it easy and painless to request items, and for this reason it’s become one of our most popular programs.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that some exciting changes are in store for the Service Desk platform in version 7.3.

Service Desk Version 7.3 — due out later this year — will contain many enhancements, including:

    • Postgres 9.6 support


    • Oracle 12c support


    • MySQL support


    • Upgraded SLES12 appliance and SLES12 SP1 installer/Windows installer


    • Upgraded security with root password enablement


    • GW2014 support

The feature generating the most buzz is the all-new Service Desk Store which allows IT to build a customizable virtual shop for users where they can request any item using an icon-based system. Once a request is submitted, a manager can be notified for approval. Then, the service or asset can be delivered.

Service Desk Store can be accessed from any device, at any time, from any location. And it prevents users from going rogue and downloading random applications or services from the Internet which could wind up harming the organization. Every asset in the Service Desk can be monitored and approved by IT.

Software self-service in Service Desk 7.3 is automated using “Store Extensions,” which can work in conjunction with ZENworks or other similar programs. The Store also integrates with Volume Purchasing Programs and similar license management solutions.

For hardware requests, technicians can assign items to users, allowing them to track and manage ownership for items. For items not listed in the store, users can issue purchase requests.

Make sure to check back for updates as we get closer to our big release! We’re confident that this technology will be a game changer for your organization.

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