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Isn’t it funny how collaboration and file sharing platforms aren’t built with the very concept they are trying to improve? Micro Focus takes a collaborative approach to the way we build, update, and maintain Filr. Here’s an inside look at how we take your real ideas and turn them into real features.

 What is Filr?

Micro Focus Filr is an enterprise content management system (ECM) built for the enterprise that gives users access to corporate files easily with any device, while keeping file access and sharing under the control of IT.

Essentially, Filr is a harmonious marriage between security and collaboration. Rather than being built like a traditional file sharing platform where documents live online, Filr houses documents in your private, in-house servers. It doesn’t take much familiarity with cybersecurity to realize some of the potential threats a less secure file sharing platform can impose on an organization, especially one in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare or government.

Filr is cool, but how it got so cool may not be how you think. Here at Micro Focus, we’re not a bunch of stuffy, computer people claiming to have all the answers. Filr’s innovation comes from you!

You Ask, We Listen

A product that is not built directly around what customers want, but what they think the customers want, is only built for the organization selling it.

This is why Micro Focus truly cares about what our customers have to say about the products they use every day. Who knows better what features a file sharing platform should have than an IT professional managing access to files or a marketing professional collaborating with a teammate in sales? The team behind Micro Focus Filr actively monitors and engages in the Filr Online Community, a place where customers and those interested can meet to discuss issues, get tips for optimizing their Filr environment, read blog articles, get the latest Filr news, and give their ideas for features they would like to see in later Filr iterations.

 The Filr Idea Exchange in the online Community is not just smoke and mirrors. It is a place where real people give real suggestions that turn into real features. In fact, about 30% of requested features have been delivered.

The Filr Idea Exchange in the online Community is not just smoke and mirrors. It is a place where real people give real suggestions that turn into real features. In fact, about 30% of requested features have been delivered.

Here are some recent examples:

IDEA ID: 2869755 – ‘Shared by Others’

A community member was requesting the ability for a user to see who else has shared a folder within the platform so there are no duplicate shares or improper shares made.

In the latest release of Filr, this feature was delivered. Now, users can see all shares on a file.

IDEA ID: 2852881 - Hide Individual Folders in the “Shared with me” Category

Perhaps from a C-level user or someone with a lot of incoming shares, someone requested the ability to hide individual folders that have been shared with them to clean up their view.

In Filr 4.3, users can hide or unhide shares of files and folders on the “Shared With Me” view. Further, the view can be toggled between All Shares, Unhidden Shares, and Hidden Shares.

This is a good example of a feature that is difficult for us to see, but obvious to those using the product every day.

IDEA ID: 2813791 - Add DSfW Support

Here a user is requesting DSfW support for Filr. Domain Services for Windows is a suite of technologies in Open Enterprise Server that allows Microsoft Windows users to access OES services through native Windows and Active Directory protocols.

It is difficult to know in addition to Filr which applications and software platforms companies are using. It is even more difficult to determine how someone is using our product in conjunction with another. Therefore, we added DSfW support with Filr because someone asked. An excellent example of Internal software teams working together to deliver value to customers.

IDEA ID: 2804615 - User Configurable Landing Page

The Filr Community allows us to get a better idea of how people are using the product specific to their individual workflows. And, since everyone works differently, a request for a specific functionality could alleviate headaches for other users, too.

Backed with a flood of upvotes, this user had an idea for a user-configurable landing page on Filr. Rather than having a main landing page when they logged into Filr, this user wanted to ability to choose to go straight to their relevant netfolder upon login. A little tweak in a workflow can make a huge difference.

Ask and you shall receive.

G2 Awards Filr as a ‘Leader’ Within ECM

Recently, Filr was categorized as a leader within the ECM category by G2, a 3rd party peer-to-peer review site. This came from G2 users giving Filr high ratings for satisfaction and market presence.

Cue the cliché award acceptance speech: “This award doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to YOU.”

My sarcasm is dryer than the Atacama Desert, but please know we are genuine in attributing our product’s success to our contributing customers.

The combined IT and user-focused approach that has built Filr has been in large part due to our fantastic customers, users, and community members who give their ideas to make our products better for everyone.

Have An Idea?

Whether you use Filr or another ECM, we would love to hear from you! Your ideas are what push technology forward and make the software products you use every day exactly what you want.

In a way, we’re collaborating on how to better collaborate.

Join our community and let your voice be heard. Reach out with questions about Micro Focus products, give your ideas for new features in the next release, or to see how others are using the products in unique ways.

Explore new ways to collaborate with Micro Focus Filr.

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