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GroupWise 18.3 Has Been Released!

by Micro Focus Employee in Information Management & Governance

groupWiseRelease.jpgI am pleased to announce that last week we released GroupWise 18.3! For customers on Maintenance, this should now be available in your customer center to download. We highly encourage all customers to upgrade to the latest versions, so please plan your update as soon as you can. If you are having issues downloading the latest version please open an SR with our support team or post on the community forums so we can help and address the problem.

The biggest changes to GroupWise 18.3 are in two main areas: Advanced Authentication and GroupWise Web Client Proxy.

With Advanced Authentication, GroupWise 18.3 supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with NetIQ Advanced Authentication. MFA is available in the GroupWise Administration, GroupWise Web Client, and the Desktop client. For more information please see Multi-Factor Authentication in the GroupWise 18 Administration Guide.

The GroupWise Web Client now also supports Proxy Access. This was the #1 request for GroupWise Web Client, and we are happy to make it available. Not only was this a top request, but it was also one of the largest engineering efforts. Now that this is complete, we hope to be able to add some additional requests at a more frequent pace. At the top of our list are Signatures/HTML editing, Spell Check, and printing. The 18.3 release is also the first release where GW Web is our preferred Web client and we will no longer be updating or supporting the old GroupWise Web Access client.

Another notable milestone in this release is for our customers that have the Enterprise Messaging Suite. Enterprise Messaging previously had an entitlement to GroupWise TeamWorks. GroupWise TeamWorks is now a part of Filr Advanced and does not exist as a separate product. Going forward, Enterprise Messaging customers that are active on Maintenance now have an entitlement to Filr Advanced that includes TeamWorks. Once you upgrade to GroupWise 18.3 and accept the EULA included with 18.3 your entitlement kicks in. If you are not currently using Filr Advanced as an Enterprise Messaging customer that is active on maintenance, this is now included for you. For more information on Filr Advanced please see the Filr product pages.

We also have an upcoming webinar discussing Filr Advanced for Enterprise Messaging. Please Register today and see what you will get with your Enterprise Messaging Suite.

These are just the top two features in the release that I wanted to highlight.  For more information on what else is in the release please refer to GroupWise documentation and release notes.

Moving forward, we are already working on the 18.3.1 release of GroupWise and we are in the planning phase for GroupWise 18.4. The target for GroupWise 18.3.1 would be 1H of 2021 and 18.4 would be targeted to 2H of 2021.


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